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From the Director's Desk


In 2017, Governor Ricketts issued a call to action to reduce government red tape. This initiative is important because by reducing the regulatory burden on our customers, we contribute directly to our mission of a more effective, efficient, and customer-focused state government. At DAS, I’m proud of our contribution to this initiative and pleased to report that this project is near completion, with the recent finalization of our State Building Division rules. All told, we revised the regulations for Materiel Division, Building Division, Personnel Division, Transportation Services Bureau, State Claims Board, the Director’s Office, and our Suggestion System.

In total, our regulatory reform initiative at DAS has produced the following results:

  • 171 pages eliminated (a 67.1% decrease)
  • 37,226 words cut (a 72.5% decrease)
  • Over 1,000 words of restrictive language (shall, must, required, etc.) cut
  • Simpler, more readable, and understandable rules for all of our divisions

Thank you to all of our teammates who have put in the hours and hard work over the years on this important effort. The work on this project will greatly help in our mission to deliver a more effective, more efficient, and customer-focused state government for the people of Nebraska.


Jason Jackson
Director, Department of Administrative Services


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