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From the Director's Desk

Jason Jackson        At the Department of Administrative Services, we are always looking for ways we can provide services to our customers in the most effective, efficient, and customer-focused ways possible. One area of recent focus has been how we can better manage and utilize the State’s real estate assets. Until this year, State Building Division has lacked a strategy for how we do this. In the absence of a plan, we have always made isolated decisions for individual agencies rather than looking at our real estate portfolio in totality and optimizing for teammates, customers, and taxpayers. Our recently published approach, the State Building Division Real Estate Strategy, addresses those short comings by focusing on three priorities:

  1. The State’s first objective is to maximize state-owned space, which means finding tenants for buildings the State currently owns. DAS provides space to our customers at rates over 20% less than commercial space. We are enjoying great success in this area, with occupancy rates about 4% higher than industry standard.
  2. The State’s second priority is to embrace a co-location strategy. Teammates benefit from a more engaging workplace and greater operational support when they work alongside others doing similar work. Success in this area will lead to more engaged, supported teams, with lower administrative costs.
  3. The third priority is to create “one-stop-shops” to increase the accessibility of services to our customers. We will emphasize placing agencies that serve the same customers near each other so access to government services is more convenient.

I want to thank all our teammates in State Building Division who are working hard every day to deliver on this strategy and provide engaging and productive workspaces for all of us.

These priorities are only the beginning of our efforts and we will continue to work towards our ultimate goal of utilizing our state-owned facilities in the most effective, efficient, and customer-focused ways possible.

Jason Jackson
Director, Department of Administrative Services


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