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Director’s Office

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Jean Salisbury Executive Assistant 402.471.2331
ADA Task Force
Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Gloria Eddins ADA Coordinator, State of Nebraska
Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Eric Maher Communications Director
Continuity Administration
Name: Position: Phone: Email:
AmyLynn Creaney, MBCP Enterprise Continuity Manager 402.471.3984
General Counsel and Compliance
Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Adam Kauffman General Counsel 402.471.4114
Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Sarah Skinner Policy Advisor to the Director
Process Improvement
Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Roger Euter Process Improvement Coordinator


Contact Phone Number
Annette Wilson 402-471-2582
Description Email Link
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
To send ACH email address update requests, include: Vendor Address Book Number, Tax ID Number, Vendor Name, Last four digits of bank account number, if a change request reason/justification Email
Address Book Issues
To email IRS Form W-9 to State Accounting Address Book Email
To request Address Book Search types V and PP be linked so payment will be issued to the address the company has requested Email
To request a change of Agency Contact information on the Treasurer's Deposit Document you must send the Address Book Number (search type D) to be updated Email
Address Book - Other questions Email
To send questions regarding the Archive process or about accessing the Archived records Email
Business Units/Grant/Fund Issues
To request activation of new business units, update current business units, in-activation of business units
To add category codes: 14 - Agency Use; 23 - Grants (State Colleges); 24 - CFDA numbers; 25 - Agency Use
To add or amend subledger descriptions
To request a report suggesting which object codes should be removed or to submit list approved for removal of the object codes Email
To submit request for 40000 Fund with BU & Grant information Email
To request grant authorized amount or posting edit code changes for Fund 40000 grant business units. Authorized amount changes require a copy of the grant award to be faxed or attached to the email Email
To authorize a business unit to account for a fund's investment interest earnings, Investment Authorization Form, include data specified on form in your email Email
To submit requests for payroll card enrollment Email
To request an employee's Expense Reimbursement be credited to their payroll card. Before making this request the employee must have physically received their payroll card Email
To submit garnishments, wage attachments, court ordered withholding Email
To submit Agency Certification of Payroll Email
To request Agency Payroll staff be set up in execution control so they can submit prepayroll or to remove a user from execution control Email
To stop a warrant payment or request a replacement warrant for Payroll to be issued by State Accounting Email
Accounts Payable/Payment Questions
For Vendor Use - Inquiry on how to apply a payment received Email
To report issues with 1099's Email
Emergency request to have warrant pulled, normally Agency should use special handling. Request must include Warrant Number, Dollar Amount, and a short description such as payable or tax refund. This request must be made no later than 3:00 p.m. the day before the warrant is to be pulled. Email
To stop a warrant payment or request a replacement warrant for Accounts Payable to be issued by State Accounting Email
Fixed Assets
To request changes for depreciation overrides which can only be done by State Accounting Email
This link is used only when a receipt batch (batch type O) fails budget check and cannot be reversed by the agency. The O Batch number must be included in the email. Email
This link is used only when there is a financial problem with the purchase order. The purchase order number and a description of the problem must be included in the email, this may include rounding issues. Email
Use this link to notify State Accounting that you have batches ready for pre-audit review and posting. Be sure to include each batch number. All supporting documentation must be attached to the document. Email
Purchasing Card
Use this link to submit Purchasing Card applications, requests and inquiries to State Accounting Email
Volunteer Programs
Use this link to submit new or renewal Volunteer Programs Email

Central Finance

Accounts Payable
To send questions on invoices, Interagency Billing Transactions (IBT’s), Purchasing Card entries, etc. due from one of the Divisions within DAS Email
Accounts Receivable
To send questions regarding a billing received from DAS Email


Name: Position: Phone:
Lee Will State Budget Administrator 402.471.4175
Neil Sullivan Deputy State Budget Administrator 402.471.4179
Diane Regner Business Manager 402.471.2526

Budget Analysts and their assigned agencies:

Click on Analyst's name to view contact information and assigned agencies.

Contact Information:

  • 09 Secretary of State
  • 14 Public Service Commission
  • 65 Administrative Services
  • 68 Latino American Commission
  • 76 Indian Affairs, Commission on
  • 90 Comm. on African American Affairs

Contact Information:

  • 13 Dept. of Education
  • 32 Educational Lands & Funds, Board of
  • 34 Library Commission, Nebraska
  • 47 Educational Telecommuications Commission
  • 48 Coordinating Commission for PostSecondary Education
  • 50 State Colleges
  • 51 University System
  • 54 Historical Society, Nebraska State
  • 62 Land Surveyors
  • 69 Art Council, Nebraska
  • 83 Community College Aid

Contact Information:

  • 18 Dept. of Agriculture
  • 29 Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 33 Game & Parks Commission
  • 36 Racing and Gaming Commission
  • 39 Brand Committee
  • 52 State Fair Board
  • 56 Wheat Board, Nebraska
  • 57 Oil & Gas Commission
  • 60 Ethanol Board, Nebraska
  • 61 Dairy Industry Dev. Board, Nebraska
  • 74 Power Review Board
  • 84 Dept. of Environment & Energy
  • 86 Dry Bean Commission
  • 88 Corn Board, Nebraska
  • 89 Hemp Commission
  • 92 Grain Sorghum Board
  • 95 Dry Pea & Lentil Commission

Contact Information:

  • 03 Legislative Council
  • 07 Governor/Policy Research
  • 08 Lieutenant Governor
  • 10 Auditor of Public Accounts
  • 25 Department of Health & Human Services
  • 28 Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs
  • 70 Foster Care Review Office
  • 81 Blind & Visually Impaired, Comm. for
  • 82 Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Comm. for

Contact Information:

  • 23 Dept. of Labor
  • 24 Dept. of Motor Vehicles
  • 27 Dept. of Transportation
  • 40 Motor Vehicle Licensing Board
  • 72 Dept. of Economic Development
  • 77 Industrial Relations, Comm. of
  • 91 Nebraska Tourism Commission

Contact Information:

  • 12 State Treasurer
  • 16 Dept. of Revenue
  • 93 Tax Equalization and Review Commission

Contact Information:

  • 19 Dept. of Banking
  • 22 Dept. of Insurance
  • 30 Electrical Division
  • 41 Real Estate Commission
  • 45 Barber Examiners, Board of
  • 53 Real Property Appraiser Board
  • 58 Engineers & Architects, Board of
  • 59 Geologists Board
  • 63 Public Accountancy, Board of
  • 66 Examiners Abstracters, Board of
  • 73 Landscape Architects, Board of
  • 75 Investment Council
  • 85 Employees Retirement Board
  • 87 Accountability and Disclosure Commission

Contact Information:

  • 05 Supreme Court
  • 11 Attorney General
  • 15 Board of Parole
  • 21 State Fire Marshall
  • 31 Military Department
  • 35 Liquor Control Comm.
  • 37 Workers' Compensation Comm.
  • 46 Dept. of Correctional Services
  • 64 State Patrol
  • 67 Equal Opportunity Comm.
  • 78 Crime Comm.
  • 94 Public Advocacy, Comm. on


Name: Position: Phone: Email:

Michelle Potts



Kay Demaree

Executive Assistant


Administration Services
IT Business Systems:

Amy Stephen

IT Business Systems Analyst


Parking Services:

Roxane Earnest

Parking Coordinator


Vacant Buildings and Excess Land (VBEL):

Greg Hood

VBEL Manager

Leasing Services:

Greg Hood

Leasing Manager


Johnny Knoche

Leasing Coordinator


Alexa Schoen

Leasing Coordinator


Design & Planning:

Amir Azimi

Design & Planning Administrator


Jason Day

Design Project Manager


Janelle Wickersham

Design Project Manager


April Leach-Sanna

Design Project Manager


Curtis Watkins

Design Project Manager


Brittnie Miller

Design Project Manager


Construction Services

Michelle Potts

Construction Manager


Project Managers:

Matt Shaw

Construction Coordinator


Kevin Herr

Construction Coordinator


Brent Beckman

Construction Coordinator


Facilities Services
Facilities Manager:

Steve Fehringer

Operations Manager


Julie Hendricksen

Facilities Coordinator


Roxane Earnest

Parking Coordinator


Regional Facilities Staff:

Matt Jinright

Beatrice State Development Center Facility Manager


Dan Browitt

Geneva-YRTC Facility Manager


Kevin Harris

Law Enforcement Training Center Facility Manager


Kevin Harris

State Patrol- Troop C (Grand Island) Facility Manager


Dan Browitt

Hastings Regional Center Facility Manager



Bridges Facility Manager


Kearney Maintenance Facility Manager

Ed Szymanski

State Patrol- Troop C Satellite (Kearney) Facility Manager


Ed Szymanski

Youth Treatment Center- Kearney Facility Manager


Ed Szymanski

State Patrol-Troop D Satellite (Lexington) Facility Manager


Roger Novacek

1526 Bldg Facility Manager


David Brown

501 Bldg. (OCIO) Facility Manager


Brett Daugherty

Capitol Facility Manager


Airport Authority

Crime Lab Facility Manager

David Brown

Executive Building Facility Manager


David Brown

Ferguson Mansion Facility Manager


David Brown

Governor's Mansion or Residence Facility Manager


Bevan Flynn

Lincoln Regional Center/Whitehall Campus Facility Manager


Dave Brooks

NE State Office Building Facility Manager


Dave Brooks

State Lab Facility Manager


Dave Brooks

State Surplus Facility Manager


Roger Novacek

TSB Center Facility Manager


Kevin Wragge

Norfolk Regional Center Facility Manager


Jim Fuchs

State Patrol-Troop B (Norfolk) Facility Manager


Rick Tanner

Craft State Office Building Facility Manager


Rick Tanner

State Patrol-Troop D (North Platte) Facility Manager


Todd Aksamit

Omaha Park II/Omaha State Office Building Facility Manager


Steve Larson

State patrol-Troop E (Scottsbluff) Facility Manager


Center of Operational Excellence

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Center of Operational Excellence
Matthew Singh Director 402.805.7993


Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Kevin Workman Administrator

Need employment verification?
Contact State Personnel at 402.471.2075


Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Materiel Administration
Amara Block Materiel Administrator 402-432-0121
Leslie Durr Materiel State Contracts Manager 402-471-2432
Whitney Titov Vendor Performance Program Manager 402-471-3391
Jennifer Sommars-Link Materiel Admin. & Legal Services Manager 402-471-1405
Zac Ross Administrative Programs Officer 402-471-8295
Purchasing Staff
State Purchasing Bureau Front Desk 402-471-6500
Sonya Caldwell Administrative Technician 402-471-2412
Vacant Administrative Technician Vacant
State Purchasing Bureau Records Request
Request Form


Purchasing - Commodities
Julie Dabydeen Interim Procurement Manager - Commodities 402-471-1429
Julie Dabydeen Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-1429
Christie Kelly Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-1431
Vicki Collins Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-1427
Robert Taylor Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-8889
Brenda Sensibaugh Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-4194
Purchasing - Services
Connie Heinrichs  Interim Procurement Manager - Services & IT 402-471-0975 
Joy Fischer Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-0974
Mike Hendrickson Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-6500
Dianna Gilliland Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-4193
Connie Heinrichs Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-0975
Vacant Procurement Contracts Officer 402-471-2302 Vacant
Shannon Morris Surplus Property Manager 402-471-3030 
James ByBee Administrative Programs Officer 402-471-3896
Printing Services
Mitch Salomons Printing & Mail Services Manager 402-471-2293
Vacant Administrative Technician 402-471-4137 Vacant 
John Morrison Pressroom/Digital Printing Supervisor 402-471-0879
Steve Crook Finishing/Mailing Supervisor 402-471-1801
John Penrod Copy Services Supervisor 402-471-2901
Vacant Procurement Specialist 402-471-4137 Vacant 
Angie Angel Capitol Copy Center 402-471-3770
Mail Center
John Barron State Mail Supervisor 402-471-2293


Name: Position: Phone: Email:
  Front Desk 402-471-2075  
Kevin Workman State Personnel Director
Talent Acquisition and SOS Temporary Program
  General SOS Program Inquires 402.471.2075
  Payroll 402.471.2075
  Workers’ Compensation / FMLA 402.471.2075
Kaitlyn Betz SOS Program Manager 402.471.2075
Dawn Bowling SOS Payroll Specialist 402.471.4461
Training & Development
  General Inquiries
Brian Svik Director of Workforce Training and Development 402.432.1375
Renae Prieto Training & Development Manager 402-350-7596
Austin Larson Learning and Development Specialist 402-326-0961
Tracy Poppe Learning and Development Specialist 531-510-8505
Wellness & Benefits
  General Inquiries
Christy Osentowski Administrator, Employee Wellness & Benefits 402.471.2832/402.219.2470
Kris Bourke Benefits Accounting 402.890.6782
Shannon Soriente Benefits Specialist 402.314.7058
Jennifer Norris Benefits Analyst 402.480.9728
Quincey Stohs Benefits Assistant 402.499.3020
Terri Wilson Benefits Assistant 402.540.7933
Classification & Compensation
  General Inquiries
Lindsey Breece Analyst 402.309.3256
Elise Woodward Manager, Classification & Compensation 402.309.0983
Derick Schoenauer Analyst 402.471.4121/402.310.1012
Deb Tatro Analyst 402.840.0087
Employee Relations
  1526 K Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Phone: 402.471.4106
Fax: 402.471.3394
Sean Davis Employee Relations Administrator 402.471.8292
Dan Birdsall Deputy Employee Relations Administrator 402.471.4106
Laura L Cooper Research Analyst 402.471.4460
Catherine Habel Staff Assistant 402.471.3699
Vacant Administrative Assistant Vacant Vacant

Risk Management

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Risk Management
Allen Simpson Risk Manager 402.471.4436
Ambyr Bomberger Administrative Programs Officer 402.471.2552
Angellica Shasteen Administrative Technician 402.471.2551

309 Task Force

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
309 Task Force Team
Sarah Skinner Administrator 402.419.4229
Nick Pischel Architect 402.416.7462
Gloria Eddins Business Manager/ADA Coordinator/Interim Training Coordinator 402.471.3048
Ed Bergstraesser Electrical Consultant
Chris Kreikemeier Mechanical Consultant
Alan Ebner Architectural Consultant



Name: Position: Phone: Email:
TSB Administration Center
Mike Moerer Administrator 402.471.2897
Karen Billings Administrative Assistant II 402.471.2898
Kim Frey Staff Assistant I 402.471.2897
TSB Rental & Service Centers:
Jason Frazier State Fleet Services Manager State Fleet Services Manager
Bryan Prenosil Automotive Technician 402.471.2381
Alan Boyd Automotive Technician 402.471.2381
Todd Wirka Automotive Mechanic II 402.471.2381
Nadine Ponce Staff Assistant I 402.471.2381
Cody Davids State Transportation Services Manager 402.471.2391
Jim Davis Automotive Mechanic I 402.471.2391
Zachary Rose Automotive Services Worker 402.471.2391
Rental Center (Lincoln Motor Pool): 402.471.2391
Service Center: 402.471.2381
Toll Free Number: 1.866.872.6510