Resources related to Classification and Compensation Functions.
Description Last Revised Format
Classified System Rules and Regulations 12/21/2021 PDF
HR Guide Classification and Compensation
Training Guidance
Form - Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) 09/14/2020 Word
Form - Supervisory Questionnaire 02/17/2018 Word
Form - Confidentiality Questionnaire 01/05/2019 Word
Rules Compensation Decision Guidance for Equity Consideration 09/18/2022 PDF
Form – Labor Contract Compensation Request 09/18/2022 Word
Form - Rules Compensation Request 09/18/2022 PDF
Form - Financial Responsibilities Questionnaire 09/18/2022 PDF
State Personnel Expedited Classification Process 08/24/2022 Word
Resources to assist with filling out the Position Description Questionnaire.
Description Last Revised Format
Degrees of Control Defined 09/28/2017 PDF
Position Audit Questions 06/29/2020 PDF
Supervision Received Defined 06/29/2020 PDF
Supplement to Essential Duties Section 09/28/2017 PDF
Classification Functions