The State Building Division is responsible for providing the centralized procurement, operation, maintenance and management of state-owned facilities, as well as the independent review, analysis, and oversight of capital construction projects to ensure that appropriate facilities are provided for the efficient functioning of state government. In fulfilling its purpose, the building division:

  • Leases privately-owned office and storage space on behalf of state agencies; provides space planning services and coordinates space assignments within such leased space as well as state-owned spaces.
  • Assists Governor, DAS Budget Office and Legislative Fiscal Office regarding capital construction issues; coordinate the comprehensive capital facility planning committee (CCFPC) for the prioritization of the biennial capital construction funding requests and create the State Comprehensive Capital Facilities 6-Year Plan; reviews program statements and related capital construction planning documents; create capital construction reports and recommendations to the Governor and the Legislative Fiscal Office.
  • Manages construction projects for state agencies; manages and maintains certain state-owned buildings and properties including central office buildings and laboratory facilities as well as operations and maintenance budgets for 24-hour care facilities.
  • Manages and maintains related parking facilities.
  • Provides security to the Omaha State Office Building.
  • Implements orders of the Vacant Building and Excess Land Committee on the sale, demolition or other disposition of vacant buildings and excess state land.

In Summary:

  • Oversight of state-owned real estate, from Omaha to Scottsbluff.
  • 273 state owned buildings and land, including 29 campuses.
  • Oversight of all facility operations and routine maintenance.
  • Planning, design, and construction.
  • Over 4.6 million square feet of owned property.
  • Bids, construction, maintenance of building inventory, future State Buildings and Capital Construction requests.
  • Negotiate and oversee all lease agreements for state and privately owned real estate space.
  • Average 300 commercial and 100 State owned property leases annually.
  • Serves agencies, boards, commissions, and departments within the state of Nebraska.
  • Manages over 3,000 parking stalls and DAS parking facilities in Lincoln and Omaha.
  • Implement instructions of the Vacant Building and Excess Land Committee (VBEL) regarding the sale, demolition, or lease of vacant or excess state-owned buildings and land.