Locating the 1526 Building

1526 K Street
Lincoln NE 68508


The 1526 Building does not have designated parking spots for visiting learners. Some options for employees coming to our building to consider:

  • The neighborhoods to the north and east of the capitol have free parking but can get full if the legislature is in session. Plan extra time for the walk.
  • There are metered spots on the streets to the south and west. The breaks during the event may not coincide with the expiration times of your meter. Plan extra time for the walk.
  • Many larger agencies have spots reserved in the garages. Check with your HR team for details.
  • A daily pass in a State of Nebraska lot may be available for a small fee. Contact Building Division to inquire about this option or submit a visitor parking request form several days in advance of the event. See links at the bottom of this page for more information.

Building Amenities

The training rooms are located in the lower level of the 1526 Building. Also on the lower level, you will find restrooms, drinking fountain, ice machine, sink, microwaves, toasters, Keurig, a break area with ample comfortable seating, coat closets, change machine, and a large bank of vending machines that accept cash or payment via app.

Mother's Room

To schedule time in the Mother's Room and to get the access code, please contact the Mother's Room coordinator, listed below.  The dedicated Mother's Room is kept secure so that only nursing mothers have access. We do this to keep the rooms clean, safe, and stress-free for our mothers because we understand how important it is they are able to maintain their supply for their growing littles. Any new or visiting mothers can reach out for the key code access to the room coordinator using the email, below. We are always happy to provide a tour and an overview of the rooms, coordinate scheduling needs, and discuss how we keep the rooms maintained.

Wifi Access

The wifi network in the training rooms is NE1SECURE. State employees may access using your usual login credentials. Technical support for wifi or requests for temporary access for anyone not employed by the state should go through the OCIO help desk at 402-471-4636 or CIO.Help@nebraska.gov

What to Bring

Unless otherwise stated, materials needed for your learning will be provided. We do recommend bringing a writing utensil and paper for taking notes. It is difficult to control the temperature in such large rooms, so dressing in layers is always a good idea.

Smoking Area

Smoking is only permitted in the designated area, which is the picnic table to the east and north of the building. Smoking in stairwells or outside of entrances is prohibited.

Lunch Options

There are cafeterias in both the Capitol and the State Office Building. Additionally, there are numerous options for dine in, carryout, or delivery in downtown Lincoln.


1526 Building FAQ Links

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