Administrative Services is proud to support Governor Pillen's call for break through change in state government. Under the Governor's leadership, all code agencies are taking a systems approach to identifying impediments to service delivery and eliminating costs.

Administrative Services is also taking a supporting role in reducing service contract costs and ensuring that contracts have clear measures of success with outcomes benefiting the people we serve.

Our agency's key role in making state government more efficient is in keeping with our long standing history driving government efficiency initiatives. For years, Administrative Services supported the Center for Operational Excellence (COE). The COE leveraged Lean Six Sigma principles to drive a culture of continuous improvement throughout state government.

Over the life of the program, COE Process Improvement coordinators led over 1,000 projects, contributed to $120 million in taxpayer savings, and trained over 26,000 state public servants in Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Harvard Business Institute identified the Nebraska Administrative Services process improvement program as a national leader among all states. Politico Magazine credited Administrative Services Efforts as having contributed directly to Nebraska's best in the nation pandemic response.