Property for Sale

The following properties have been declared excess and are being sold. Please check the bidding information on the process to follow if you are interested in bidding.

Description Location Bid Closes Link to Information
The State of Nebraska is selling 3 parcels of vacant land in downtown Columbus via online auction:
1061 25th Ave (PID# 710004102) Columbus, NE 12/14/2023 GovDeals
1059 25th Ave (PID# 710004109) Columbus, NE 12/14/2023 GovDeals
960 24th St (PID# 710004788) Columbus, NE 12/14/2023 GovDeals
The State of Nebraska is selling 1 parcel (.98 acres) of vacant land near 13th and I-80 via online auction, 3003 S 13th Ct (PID# 2321820058) Omaha, NE 12/13/2023 GovDeals
The State of Nebraska is selling 1 parcel (3.83 net acres) of former railroad right-of-way near: 8169 E Belvidere Rd, Beatrice (PID# 005715000). Bids can be mailed, or hand delivered, but must be received prior to opening at:

Nebraska State Building Division
% Auction 005715000
1526 K St. Suite 160
PO Box 98940
Lincoln, NE 68509-8940

Bids will be opened at 10:00am December 13th. Property will be conveyed via Quitclaim Deed.
Gage County 12/13/2023 Appraisal (PDF)
Beatrice Sale Information (PDF)

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