LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers best in class content on a wide range of topics including (but certainly not limited to) remote/telework, leadership, communication, human resources, soft skills, customer service, IT infrastructure, web and software development, network and system administration, online graphic design, and Microsoft products such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word.

The LinkedIn Learning library consists of over 8,000 courses in Workday which is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. This access allows state teammates to continue to add value and expertise to their work, leaders to assign specific content to individuals or groups to close skill gaps, and is a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

There are two pricing options for LinkedIn Learning:

  • Entire agencies or divisions can purchase subscription access for the fiscal year to the library at $40/FTE (the FTE count is based off of the most recent State Personnel Almanac).
  • If agencies choose not to purchase a subscription, there is an ala carte pricing option, which is $19/course.

LinkedIn Learning is great, cost effective way to invest in the development of teammates. If you would like more information, or are interested in purchasing a subscription for your agency, please contact us at