What is Cooperative Purchasing?

Cooperative Purchasing enables eligible political subdivisions to purchase goods and services from State Contracts if the contractor agrees to do so. Cooperative Purchasing is an effective tool that government entities may use to leverage time and cost efficiencies.

Entities Eligible to Utilize State Contracts

  • Airport Authorities
  • Cemetery Districts
  • Cities
  • Community Colleges
  • Counties
  • Drainage Districts
  • Educational Service Units
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • Ground Water Conservation Districts
  • Hospital Districts
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Natural Resource Districts
  • Noxious Weed Control Districts
  • Public School Districts
  • Public Higher Education Institutions
  • Public Power Districts
  • Reclamation Districts
  • Road Improvement Districts
  • Rural Water Districts
  • Sanitary and Improvement Districts
  • Towns
  • Villages

Cooperative Purchasing Organizations

Utilizing contracts established by the State Purchasing Bureau or contracts the State Purchasing Bureau has entered into with Cooperative Purchasing Organizations can reduce administrative time and save money. In addition, you can be confident knowing that your purchases have met the standards of ethical and accountable procurement.

Description Last Revised Format
MMCAP Infuse External
National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) External
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