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12-5-14 – Revised Combined W-9/ACH Enrollment Form
A revised combined W-9/ACH Enrollment Form has been published and is now available for use.

Some sections have been clarified and there is now a new requirement for any changes to a record which currently has ACH.  The prior routing and account numbers need to accompany all change requests to verify that the person requesting the change is authorized to request the change to the ACH information we have on file.  This requirement is being implemented to be more proactive against fraudulent ACH change requests.

To create an agency or contact person specific form, save a copy of the new form with your contact information so you can distribute it to your vendors/clients/providers, etc.



W-9 & W-8 Requirements:

  • Adds:
    • W-9s: New Vendors, Suppliers, Entities or Businesses – including those using SSNs
    • W-8s: Any Foreign (International) Entity or Individual that does not supply a W-9.
  • Changes:
    • W-9s: Change of Parent Company or DBA (Doing Business As) Name
      • Change of Federal Tax ID (FTIN/EIN)
      • Any existing record that does not currently have a W-9 on file
    • W-8s: Change of Parent Company or DBA (Doing Business As) Name
      • Change of Foreign Status (such as obtaining a US Taxpayer ID)
      • Any existing foreign record that does not currently have a W-8 on file
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Mailing Address Verification:

Congressional District Verification (used in conjunction with DUNS numbers):

Internal Revenue Service:

The following documents are periodically updated. Please refer to each document for current date.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2: Enter Journal Entries

Lesson 3: Approve / Print / Post Journal Entries

Lesson 4: Miscellaneous

Lesson 5: Accounting Inquiries

Lesson 6: Accounting Reports

Lesson 1: Sales Order

Lesson 2: Manufacturing

Lesson 3: Purchasing

Lesson 4: Inventory

Lesson 5: Accounting

Lesson 6: Printing Requisition

Lesson 7: QRCs

Lesson 1: Working With Asset Master Information

Lesson 2: Fixed Asset Costs

Lesson 3: Fixed Assets Purchased Through Alternative Methods

Lesson 4: On-Line Inquiries and Changes

Lesson 5: Transferring an Asset Intra-Agency

Lesson 6: Disposing of an Asset Through Surplus Process

Lesson 7: Running Reports

Lesson 8: Barcode Scanning

Lesson 1: Inventory - Supply

Lesson 2: Inventory Basics

Lesson 3: Inventory Stock Purchasing

Lesson 4: Review & Approval Process

Lesson 5: Revisions to Documents

Lesson 6: Receipt Processing

Lesson 7: Inventory - Management & Accounting

Lesson 1: New Employee Course

The New Employee Course - Level 1 introduces new employees to the Payroll & Financial Center. The new employee will learn basics such as signing in and out of the system, changing their password, and navigating the menus. The Level 1 course also covers employee self service options such as reviewing their paystub, W4, leave balances, and entering their timecards into the system. This course is a great place for all new employees to begin.

Lesson 2: New Employee Course

The New Employee Course - Level 2 builds upon the Level 1 course (before taking the Level 2 course the new employee should complete the Level 1 course). The Level 2 course introduces the new employee to various aspects of working with the Payroll & Financial Center such as program windows, working with exits, records, grids, & attachments, customizing a grid, and running reports. If the new employee will only have self service access in the system they do not need to take the Level 2 course.

Lesson 1: PDBA Foundation

Lesson 2: Time Entry

Lesson 3: Payroll

Lesson 4: Employee Self Service (ESS)

Lesson 5: Manager Self Service

Lesson 6: History

Lesson 7: Running Reports

Lesson 8: Mini Manual

Lesson 1: Procurement Basics

Lesson 2: Standard Process for Documents

Lesson 3: Requisitions & Pre-Requisitions

Lesson 4: Non-Stock / Non-Contract Purchasing

Lesson 5: Commodity Contracts

Lesson 6: Contractual Services

Lesson 7: Procurement - Document Approval Process

Lesson 8: Receipt Processing

Lesson 9: Approval Routes

Lesson 10: Reports

Lesson 1: Setting up a Project

Lesson 2: Setting up a Requisition, Quote & Special PO

  • Setting up a Requisition, Quote & Special Purpose PO for a Project

Lesson 3: On-Line Inquiry

  • Job Status Inquiry - Grants / Projects

Lesson 4: Reporting