Vendor Performance Program


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Vendor Performance Notice (VPN)

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The Vendor Performance Notice (VPN) is an agency’s first notification to the vendor of unsatisfactory performance.

If the contract is owned or maintained by the State Purchasing Bureau (SPB), the VPN must first be submitted to the SPB for review. Upon approval, the agency may then proceed to send to the Vendor.

When sending a VPN to a vendor, agencies should ask the vendor to complete the “Vendor Acknowledgement” section of the VPN and to return the document.

Agencies must send a copy of the VPN, supporting documentation, and the vendor’s response to the State Purchasing Bureau or “CC”

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Vendor Performance Notice Instructions


Vendor Improvement Request (VIR)

View/Download Vendor Improvement Request (VIR) Form

The Vendor Improvement Request (VIR) form is an agency’s notification to the State Purchasing Bureau that they have attempted to resolve an unsatisfactory performance issue, but were ultimately unable to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Agencies must send completed forms and supporting documentation to the State Purchasing Bureau at

The Vendor Performance Program Manager will review then send the VIR to the vendor, requesting further action in order to resolve the issue.

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Vendor Performance Notice Instructions


Procurated - Vendor Ratings and Review Platform


State teammates may receive requests via phone or e-mail from our third-party partner, Procurated, asking to provide a rating/review for a vendor on a recent purchase. With every review, you’ll be providing helpful feedback to your fellow procurement professionals about each vendor’s performance. We encourage you to rate and review any suppliers you’ve dealt with so everyone can benefit from your experiences, good or bad!

You may receive a request to review if you are the transaction originator or buyer on Purchase Orders entered into EnterpriseOne (aka: E1, JDE, PFC, NIS, etc.), or if you were referred by a colleague to Procurated regarding a purchase.

If you receive a review request but are not the correct person to review, please forward the request to the appropriate person or provide the correct contact's information.

View/Download Vendor Improvement Request (VIR) Form

Need help submitting a review? Click here to watch a step-by-step instruction video!


For Vendors


Vendor Performance Program Documents and Files

Description Last Revised Format
Vendor Performance Program (VPP)
Vendor Performance Program (VPP) Guide 04/18/2024 PDF
Vendor Performance Program (VPP) Video Video
Vendor Performance Notice (VPN)
Vendor Performance Notice (VPN) - Template 06/08/2022 Word
Vendor Performance Notice (VPN) - Instructions 04/09/2021 PDF
Vendor Improvement Request (VIR)
Vendor Improvement Request (VIR) - Form 06/08/2022 Word
Vendor Improvement Request (VIR) - Instructions 04/09/2021 PDF
Procurated - Vendor Ratings and Review Platform
Procurated InfoSheet 11/05/2020 PDF
Procurated Instructional Video Video
Contract Compliance
VPP Contract Compliance Request 01/24/2024 Word
VPP Contract Non-Compliance Notice 04/18/2024 Word