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Key Operator Information

Each agency must have an assigned key operator for each copier provided by AS. Your agency must contact AS Copy Services any time there is a personnel change to provide updated key operator information.

Key Operator Duties Include:

  • AS provides the usage of copiers to State agencies with the agreement that readings will be provided to AS on the 5th of March, June, September and December.
  • Machine numbers are assigned to each copier placed by AS. These numbers are to be attached in an easy to read location on the front of each copier. This number is to be used when reporting meter readings and when filling out service call reports.
  • An AS inventory tag is provided for each copier. This tag must be attached to the copier and verified for AS each year.
  • When a new or replacement copier is received, the key operator is responsible for completing the copier replacement form provided by AS Copy Services and returning it will all the information required.
  • Service calls must be placed to the vendor when necessary. At this time, a AS Copy Machine Service Call Report form must be filled out and returned to AS Copy Services when repairs are completed.
  • The key operator will be responsible for ordering supplies fore each copier. The maintenance contract includes toner, developer and toner waste bottles. These will be provided by the servicing vendor at no charge. These supplies should not be purchased from anyone. Beware of "toner pirates" trying to sell you supplies at a reduced rate!


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