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Classified System Personnel Rules & Regulations

Covered Employees Grievance Procedures

Step 1
Employee presents formal grievance to Immediate Supervisor within 15 workdays of grieved action. The Grievance form is not to be completed during work time or on a State computer.

If immediate supervisor did not make the decision, it must be noted and forwarded within two (2) workdays, and a written reply issued within five (5) workdays.

Step 2
If dissatisfied with the reply, the grievant has 10 workdays to appeal to the Agency Head.

Agency Head or designee, shall issue a decision within 15 workdays, or appoint a committee to hear the grievance and then issue a decision within 15 workdays.

Step 3
If dissatisfied with decision, the grievant has five (5) workdays to appeal to the State Personnel Board.

The Personnel Board may conduct a hearing or designate a hearing officer to conduct the hearing and recommend a decision to the Board.

The Board will take a public vote in open session as its final action in a grievance appeal and will issue a final decision.

The decision of the Board shall be binding on all parties involved unless either party chooses to appeal the Board Decision to District Court per the Administrative Procedures Act. The agency may appeal to District Court after consultation with the AS-Employee Relations Administrator.


Forms and Additional Information