Description Last Revised Format
Black Belt
One Stop Portal 03/23/2021 YouTube
Black Belt Program 09/29/2021 YouTube
Executive Green Belt
Nebraska Department of Administrative Services Real Estate Strategy 08/03/2021 YouTube
Economic Development 10/16/2019 YouTube
Nebraska State Patrol 07/27/2020 YouTube
Crime Commission 07/27/2020 YouTube
Design and Construction Consolidation Success 02/28/2020 YouTube
COE-Certified Executive Green Belt Continued Education-Q4 12/04/2020 YouTube
Green Belt
Green Belt 10/24/2019 YouTube
Department of Transportation Process Improvement 06/21/2021 YouTube
Department of Veterans’ Affairs: 5S Project 11/26/2019 YouTube
Certified Lean Leader 10/09/2019 YouTube
Certified Yellow Belt 10/19/2019 YouTube
Talent Acquisition QDIP Board 01/31/2020 YouTube
Center of Operational Excellence - State of Nebraska 2022 12/07/2022 YouTube
COE Guidelines 04/05/2023 YouTube
Employee Suggestion System (ESS) 08/17/2021 YouTube
September- NE Department of Transportation 09/29/2017 YouTube
Process Improvement Coordinator 12/18/2019 YouTube
Virtual Continuous Improvement 05/28/2020 YouTube
Nebraska’s Process Improvement Program 10/04/2022 YouTube
Impact Matrix 03/15/2021 YouTube
Gemba 03/12/2021 YouTube
Managing Difficult Situations 03/12/2021 YouTube
Managing Change 03/12/2021 YouTube
Yellow Belt Team Development 12/09/2020 YouTube
Data Application with Visual Management 09/29/2017 YouTube
Applied Lean Methods 06/20/2020 YouTube
Applied Lean Leadership 12/08/2020 YouTube
Lean Solutions Podcast External