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    2021 Charitable Giving Challenge

    November 8 - 24, 2021

    The Nebraska State Charitable Giving Campaign is the State’s official workplace giving campaign and provides state teammates a meaningful opportunity to give back to their local communities.

    Dollars raised by this campaign stay in Nebraska and have immediate impact on the lives of our family, friends, fellow teammates, and neighbors.

    Over the course of the last two years, our State has faced unprecedented challenges responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this public health emergency, you have responded in extraordinary ways to ensure the continuity of our operations and support to our citizens and communities.

    Where the State of Nebraska has seen positive signs in recovery, including our lowest unemployment rate in August, the pandemic has had an unprecedented and widespread impact in our communities, and for some households, its impact has been devastating. Studies have shown an increased disparity in the following three areas in our communities:

    • Food Insecurity
    • Shelter
    • Child Welfare

    We recognize our Charitable Giving Campaign provides a meaningful opportunity for us to give back to our local communities. This year, the State of Nebraska has collaborated with our charitable giving partners to identify charitable organizations who provide direct services to help individuals and families who need it the most.

    By donating to this year’s campaign, we can make an immediate and lasting difference in our communities.

    Since 2003, through the generosity of state teammates, this campaign has raised over $6.9 million dollars to support charitable organizations throughout Nebraska.

    This is an outstanding example of how state teammates continue to serve the public beyond their jobs.

    Your continued support allows these organizations to provide disaster relief, support community enhancement projects, educational programs, and offer needed aid for those suffering from chronic illness.


    Coordinator Info

    The Nebraska State Charitable Giving Campaign begins November 9 and will run through November 25th.

    Electronic Pledge Forms

    Starting November 8th, all teammates, who have an email in Workday (EWC), will receive a link to their 2021 Charitable Giving pledge. This email will provide them a direct link to their 2021 Charitable Giving Pledge Form. The email will also provide the teammmate's username and login information to view and complete their pledge forms.

    Please note:  There will be paper pledge forms available fore teammates who prefer to complete a paper version, do not have an email in the system, or our new hires. Teammates can choose to complete the electronic pledge form or a blank printable/fillable Pledge Form (but they only need to complete one pledge form).

    Printable/Fillable Pledge Form (Cash/Check/Paper Form)

    For teammates who prefer to use a paper form, we have a Printable/Fillable Pledge Form (PDF). The printable version will be sent to teammates via email, is available on the website, and available on the online pledge form site. This should be used as needed for new teammates, may have limited computer access, no email, are providing cash or check, or any teammate who prefers to give with a paper pledge form.

    To reduce the number of errors, we ask that you verify to make sure the printed form is completed correctly (check the math, number of deductions, check to make sure the teammate’s name and teammate’s ID number are clearly indicated on the form, etc. ALSO if they mark cash or check please ensure that it is also included with the pledge form!)

    • Please keep a copy of their pledge form for their teammate files (the teammate should also keep a copy of their pledge form)
    • Please send the original copy with cash/check to Stacey Dvorak at AS – State Personnel, 1526 K Street, Suite 100, Lincoln NE  68508.

    Paper/Electronic Pledge Forms and Special Event Money

    All pledge forms received by noon on Friday will be counted for the following weeks total. Pledge forms and Special Event dollars can be dropped off in the State Personnel Office (please make sure you complete a special event form which is attached in full), they can be mailed, or you can make arrangements with me to have someone come pick them up.

    Please send any pledge forms received to:
    AS – State Personnel
    ATTN: Stacey Dvorak
    1526 K Street, Suite 100
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68509

    An update will be sent out by Wednesday with the previous weeks results.

    ALL PLEDGE FORMS need to be received by NOVEMBER 29th to count towards this year’s challenge AND to be entered in time for the 2022 payroll deductions.

    Special Event Forms

    Special Event Forms are available on the website. If your agency raises donations through special events PLEASE complete this form. It ensures the money raised stays in the community in which it was raised, provides us a total of what is in the envelope so we can verify contributions, and it ensures that your agency/division/team receives the appropriate credit for the donations.

    Campaign Speakers

    Inviting a speaker is a useful and powerful tool to assist in sharing the campaign's message to your teammates. This year speakers are available to attend meetings in-person, via zoom or other online meeting formats, or have recorded videos that can be shared with your teams. We encourage you to use this helpful tool to promote your campaign. To request a speaker, fill out the Speaker Request Form. If you're not able to invite a speaker, consider sharing the personal stories from each of the three federations, which also highlight the benefits our Charitable Campaign has on our communities.

    If you have any questions concerning the Charitable Giving Campaign, please contact Stacey Dvorak at stacey.dvorak@nebraska.gov or 402.326.4417.



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