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Gift Policy

Nebraska Revised State Statute Section 81-161.05 prohibits Materiel Division employees from accepting gifts or anything of value from vendors. This is a reminder to vendors regarding this provision. We appreciate your compliance with this policy and ask that you be mindful of the need for continued compliance.


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Vendor Manual

The guidelines included within this manual provide basic information to assist vendors in doing business with the State of Nebraska. This manual is not to be considered all inclusive. If you have specific questions regarding a procurement or this manual please call the State Purchasing Bureau (402-471-6500). Additional information is also available on the State Purchasing Bureau website.

Vendor Manual: How to do Business with the State of Nebraska



Individual or Sole Proprietor United States Attestation Form - English



Inidividual or Sole Proprietor United States Attestation Form - Spanish




Vendor Application

Note: It is not required that a vendor be registered with State Purchasing to do business with the State of Nebraska, although if a company is not on our mailing list they may not receive all information regarding bid opportunities. Vendors may not receive all bid notification letters.

Vendor Application
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Vendor Instructions

How to Submit Invitation to Bid and Request For Proposal Responses

Vendors submitting a bid or proposal should indicate on the bid/proposal return envelope/box the vendor name and address, the bid or proposal number and the opening date and time. It is mandatory that all bids or proposals be signed, sealed and received by the date and time of the public openings which are held at the State Purchasing Bureau. The State Purchasing Bureau will not provide any materials to package vendor bid/proposal responses.


No Warranties

The State of Nebraska does not make express or implied warranties with regard to Nebraska's Competitive Sealed Bid and Competitive Sealed Proposal Bulletin. Neither Nebraska, its officers, employees or agents will be liable for any damages resulting from failure to include any announcement or notice on Nebraska's Competitive Sealed Bid and Competitive Sealed Proposal Bulletin or resulting inaccuracies contained therein, or resulting from a Competitive Sealed Bid or Competitive Sealed Proposal not reaching the requester in time for preparation and timely submission whether these damages be direct, consequential, including but not limited to damages for lost profits, and whether the claims for these damages arise in tort or contract.



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