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Attached are the Bid Tabulations and awards of solicitations for the State of Nebraska Purchasing Bureau. The tabulations are provided in Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). Download the free Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Generally, bid tabulations are not available for two working days from bid Opening Date and Time. More complex bids may take more time to tabulate. After bid tabulations are prepared, they are sent to the requesting agency for review and initial award recommendation. They are then returned to the Purchasing Bureau for review and final award. When an award is made, results will then be posted.

Bid Tabulations with an Awarded Vendor "PENDING" are for information only and do not indicate an award. Vendor shall not take any action until the award decision is posted and contract/purchase order has been issued. The State assumes no responsibility for vendors filling orders or shipping any items for which a Purchase Order has not been issued.

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