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Replacement Warrants

Procedures for Requesting a Replacement Warrant

Submit a Request For Stop Payment/Replacement Warrant Request or a Request For Payroll Emergency Stop Payment/Replacement Warrant Request to State Accounting.

Please include:

  • Agency name and number must be entered in the center box, directly above the current date.
  • Indicate on the form the reason the warrant is to be reissued (e.g., lost in mail, went through the washer, destroyed, etc.)  Have you asked: Is the address current?   Has the employee recently moved?  Have they checked the post office?  Has sufficient time passed?
  • Warrant Number (select your role)
    • Payroll warrants path - Human Resources/Payroll Agencies> Inquiries & Reports > HR/Payroll Inquires > Payroll Inquiries > Paycheck Review and Void Screen, enter the employee’s Address Book number and check date.   Click Find.  The warrant number is in the column titled Payment/Item.
    • Accounts Payable warrants path – Accounts Payable>Inquiries & Reports > Accounts Payable Inquires.  You may choose either the Payment Inquiry screen or the Voucher Invoice Inquiry screen.  Enter the Address Book number in the field for Supplier Number. 
    • Note:  You may want to narrow your search by using one of the other fields in the QBE line such as Payment Date or G/L Date When trying to narrow down the inquiry by date, use the > symbol to get a range, but not all payments (example, >01/01/2009).
  • Issue Date
  • Warrant Amount (Net Amount)
  • Payee Address Book Number
  • Payee Name


  • A Request for Stop Pay/Replacement Warrant form must be submitted to State Accounting.   Please submit these requests electronically by clicking on the link below:
  • There must be a definitive reason for the request.  All requests will be researched by State Accounting before a new warrant is used.  Requests that do not contain full information requested on the form will be returned to the agencies.
    • Note:  There have been several instances of employees requesting a replacement warrant due to “never receiving the warrant” or the warrant is “lost in mail”.  Many times this is caused by an employee moving and not leaving a forwarding address, or not notifying the agency of the move; at other times, the agency does not get the change of address entered into EnterpriseOne (E1).  In these cases, the warrants go to the old address, or the incorrect address that is in E1.  Agencies should take the appropriate steps to ensure information in the accounting system is correct before requesting a replacement warrant.
  • The validity of the warrant number, amount, date and name will be verified.
  • For payroll warrants, a replacement warrant for the employee will be issued as soon as possible after the receipt of the request.  
  • For accounts payable warrants, replacements will be issued seven working days after the request is received (per State Statute 77-2215).
  • The Treasurer's Office will verify that the original warrant is still outstanding and will put a stop on the warrant before a replacement warrant is issued.
  • If the original warrant has been paid, the responsible agency will be notified of the paid date.  In that case, no replacement will be issued.  


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