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Procedure for Paying Employee Expenses Incurred by Another Agency

Effective Date 04/10/09

On occasion, a state employee may incur valid travel or miscellaneous expenses while performing functions for an agency that is not the employee’s Home Agency.  This includes permanent and SOS or temporary employees.  Due to security controls on the E1 accounting system, the non-Home Agency cannot pay the employee directly; instead the following procedures should be used to reimburse the employee for these expenses.  (For purposes of this procedure the non-Home agency will be referred to as the Expending Agency.)

The employee will present an Expense Reimbursement Form to the Expending Agency for the expense they have incurred.

The Expending Agency must create a JE following State Accounting Policy # 33.  An email request should be made to the employee’s Home Agency for a business unit/fund to be used on the JE.  All such expense reimbursements by the Home agency should use one singular business unit/fund. A JE is then created, approved and posted by the Expending Agency debiting the Expending Agency’s “BU.expense” account and crediting the Home Agency’s “Fund.132200” account.  These types of JE’s should be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the employee’s Expense Reimbursement Form.

The Expending Agency has incurred the expense and is responsible for making sure all policies are followed in regard to reimbursing the employee for their expenses.  They retain all documentation related to these expenses.

The Expending Agency will then email the JE number and the name of the employee to the Home Agency contact person and may include a screen shot of the JE.  In addition, the Expending Agency can attach the expense reimbursement document to the document screen of the voucher (Voucher Entry without PO (Supplier Ledger Inquiry)).  This allows both agencies to view the detail of the expenses that are being reimbursed within E1.  The email that is sent by the Expending Agency can be used as support for processing the accounts payable voucher.

The Home Agency can verify the money has been transferred by performing an inquiry on E1 using Account Ledger Inquiry, Trial Balance inquiry or conduct a review of their General Ledger Detail report.

When the Home Agency receives the email notification that the JE has been processed, they will then create an accounts payable voucher issuing payment to the employee.  The Home Agency will use the employee’s address book number (Search Type E), and debit the Fund.132200 provided to the Expending Agency.  On the payment screen, the field for Invoice Number will include the JE # so that an audit trail can be maintained.


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