Interim (emergency) Warrant Processing


State Accounting recognizes that emergency situations do occur which require an interim payroll payment.  Because of the substantial manual effort involved for both the agency and the State Accounting Office, agencies are asked to request interim payments only, in those situations when payments absolutely CANNOT be made in a normal pay cycle.  NIS is designed to allow maximum flexibility for adjusting employee income and deductions in the normal pay cycle.



When making a request for an interim payment, two Worksheets must be submitted to State Accounting:


  1. The current Pay Calcuation Worksheet should be completed prior to completing the Interim Payroll Worksheet.  This worksheet will help agencies in determining the amount to withhold for the employee.  These amounts are then entered on the Interim Payroll Worksheet.


  1. The Interim Payroll Worksheet should be completed to provide a detailed explanation for the need for the Interim Payment.  In the field for Detailed Reason for Interim, please provide enough information so that the person processing the Interim for you understands what is happening.  The lack of a thorough explanation could delay the process.  In addition, the request must have the proper authorization or processing could be delayed. 


The following links are provided to assist in the completion of these forms:

    1. Instructions for completion and submission of the Payroll Calculation Worksheet
    2. Instruction for completion and submission of the Interim Payroll Worksheet.
    3. DBA Codes



Email address for submission is:, use subject line of Interim Payroll.


When the interim is processed, resulting funds will be processed directly to the Employee’s bank account using the auto deposit information provided unless otherwise specified by the agency submitting the request.  Funds will settle into the account the next business day.  Interims are processed on Tuesday and Friday, to avoid conflicts with payroll, and must be received by 10:30 the morning of the processing to be included in that day’s batch.  In rare events where interim processing will conflict with either the Monthly or Bi-Weekly payroll, processing dates are adjusted accordingly.




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