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Required @ Time of Rental:

  •  Successful completion of the TSB-approved defensive driving course. The course is free and available in the Employee Development Center (EDC)
  • State-issued ID
  • Valid driver’s license


1)    Ask your agency’s TSB Vehicle Coordinator the following -

  •  Does your agency have a Universal Authorization?
  • If yes, go to Step 2.
  •  If no, complete a TSB Transportation Request form (including the required authorized signature).

2)    Go to the nearest TSB Motor Pool during the business hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central Time;

  • Lincoln (1501 M Street, south side of the Nebraska State Office Building’s East Parking Garage, phone 402-471-2391),
  • Omaha (1313 Farnam-on-the-Mall, phone 402-595-2116),
  • Norfolk (Norfolk Regional Center, 1700 North Victory Road, phone 402-471-2897),
    • Norfolk and Scottsbluff pools are coordinated remotely through the TSB Administration Office in Lincoln.
  • Kearney (YRTC Complex, 2802 30th Avenue, phone 308-338-2009),
  •  North Platte (Craft State Office Building, 200 South Silber, phone 308-530-2063), and
  • Scottsbluff (505A Broadway, phone 402-471-2897).
  • Norfolk and Scottsbluff pools are coordinated remotely through the TSB Administration Office in Lincoln.

3)    Present your State-issued ID and valid driver’s license to the TSB Motor Pool staff.

4)    If okay, complete the following required fields on the Daily Trip Ticket;

  • Agency name, and agency and division number
  •  Driver’s name;
  • TSB Driver ID#;
  • Destination; and,
  • Anticipated return date.

5)    The TSB Motor Pool staff will give you the logbook, key, and Voyager card assigned to your rental vehicle.

  • State statute 81-1025/Appendix A mandates all travel in state-owned vehicles to be recorded and reported in detail. Log-sheet entries require the following:
  • A travel log entry is required each time the vehicle is stopped and started.
  • The individual entry includes – the date, beginning and ending odometer readings, number of miles traveled, start time, finish time, to/from destinations, purpose of trip, and the driver’s signature.
  • Important - the parking stall number is required for the Lincoln Motor Pool vehicles only.

6)    Prior to departure, verify the vehicle’s beginning odometer reading to the beginning mileage note d on the log-sheet;

  • If it matches, complete the remaining fields.
  • If it does not match –
  • Note the beginning odometer reading on the line below,
  • Complete the remaining fields,
  •  Inform the TSB Motor Pool staff of the issue upon your return.

7)    When you return –

  • Note the ending odometer reading and end time on the log sheet,
  • If a Lincoln Motor Pool vehicle – note the parking stall number;
  • Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle;
  •  Return the logbook, key, and Voyager card to the TSB Motor Pool.


TSB’s Rental Guide

General Information



Motor Pool Vehicles:

  • Lincoln Motor Pool vehicle information (vehicle size, #/passengers, etc) may be found on the TSB Motor Pool webpage
  • The vehicles range in size from sub-compacts to 12 passenger vans;
  • Vehicle types vary at each TSB Motor Pool location,
  • Call TSB Administration for information on vehicles types by location.
  • Vehicle types not available for advance reservation are sub-compacts, compacts, and intermediate sedans;
  •  Specialty vehicles, (SUVs, minivans, 12-passenger vans, pickups) may be reserved in advance at the Lincoln Motor Pool only.


Rental timeframes:

TSB motor pool vehicles may be rented for a ½ day (checked out/used between the hours of 8:00 AM – Noon or 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM), up to and no more than 10 consecutive days. If you have an early departure time (prior to 7:30 AM), you may pick up the rental vehicle as early as 4:00 PM the work day prior without incurring a charge for that day. For example - a pool vehicle needed for a 6:30 AM departure on a Tuesday may be checked out and/or picked up at 4:00 PM on Monday and the agency will not be charged for Monday).


Daily Trip Ticket:

Issued at the time of rental and completed upon return, copy attached above for reference. The driver, or individual picking up the vehicle, is responsible for completing the following areas on the trip ticket – Agency Name and AG/DIV#, DRIVER (their first and last name), TSB DRIVER ID# (usually the employee number used to access and complete the online defensive driving course), DESTINATION, and ANTICIPATED RETURN DATE.



A Voyager fleet card is assigned to each TSB Motor Pool vehicle for fuel transactions only and is located in the Voyager pouch attached to the vehicle’s key fob. It is advisable to review available Voyager vendors along your route prior to departure – OR - download the Voyager app available for Apple and Android devices. Please return the Voyager card to its pouch after each transaction.


Using the Voyager Fleet Card:

Important to note - The following steps are the basic instructions for using the Voyager card. Service stations may have different equipment and procedures, or may ask information entered in a different order.


1)    Pay at the pump or pay inside -

If the gas station has card readers at the pump, you may use your Voyager Fleet Card to pay at the pump. If the pump does not have a card reader, you can use your card inside. Swipe your card on the pump card reader. If the pump card reader does not accept your card, take your card inside to the attendant to try to process the transaction electronically on the inside equipment.

2)    Select credit, not debit

If the pump card reader requires you to select either Credit or Debit, be sure to select Credit.

3)    Enter your PIN/ID

Enter the assigned number. If you do not know the PIN/ID, request the number from the TSB Motor Pool staff prior to your departure.

4)    Enter your odometer reading

The pump card reader may also ask you for your vehicle’s odometer reading. Enter your odometer reading as a whole number. Do not enter tenths of miles.

5)    Fuel the vehicle.

6)    Return the Voyager card to its pouch.


Voyager Card Lockouts:

If the purchase is declined or the card is locked out and it is during standard business hours, contact Kim Frey, in the TSB Administration Office, at 402-471-2897. If the lockout occurs any other time, contact Voyager Fleet Assistance at 1-800-987-6591.