State agencies are required by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-901.03 to post guidance documents on the agency’s website. Additionally, agencies are required to publish an index summarizing the subject matter of such guidance documents and all applicable rules and regulations.

A guidance document is:

  • A statement that provides information or direction to the public in order to interpret or implement statutes or the agency’s rules or regulations; and
  • Binding on the agency until amended by the agency.

A guidance document is NOT a document that:

  • Is an internal procedural document that affects the internal operations of the agency and does not impose additional requirements or penalties on the regulated parties;
  • Includes confidential information;
  • Gives rise to any legal rights or duties; or
  • Is treated as authority for any standard, requirement, or policy.

A person may request in writing that an agency revise or repeal a guidance document or convert a guidance document into rule or regulation pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-901.03 through the Guidance Document Request Form.

Public Guidance Documents and Rules & Regulations

Table of Contents

309 Task Force for Building Renewal

No promulgated rules and regulations or public guidance documents.

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DAS Human Resources

No promulgated rules and regulations or public guidance documents.

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Director of Administrative Services

Title 10 - Department of Administrative Services - Administration Rules & Regulations

Chapter 20 - Rules of Practice and Procedure

  • 20-001 - These rules describe the procedures applied by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to respond to issues over which the Department authority.
  • 20-002 - Contains the definitions related to this chapter.
  • 20-003 - States the address (outdated) and hours of operation for DAS.
  • 20-004 - This subsection describes how to file, amend, or withdraw, documents, pleadings, and correspondence with the DAS.
  • 20-005 - Describes how an individual can request through a petition that DAS promulgate, amend or repeal any rule or regulation subject to the authority and jurisdiction of DAS. The subsection specifically describes the director’s obligations, the hearing procedures and processes, and the notice that must be provided to the petitioner once a decision is made.
  • 20-006 - This addresses how a person files a claim with DAS for damage, loss or injury. It discusses the content of the claim, the claimant's right to representation, time limits for filing claims, the claimant’s ability to amend the claim, and the claimant’s right to a hearing. The subsection explains the administrative procedures for the hearing, including the necessity to maintain a record, and provide the claimant the findings and Order of the Director.
  • 20-007 - Describes the DAS Director’s authority to conduct an investigation if it is necessary to properly perform the duties of DAS. This subsection allows the Director to order a hearing as a part of the investigation, establishes the rules of evidence and procedure, and provides for notice to witnesses.
  • 20-008 - This subsection explains how an interested person files a petition with DAS for a declaratory ruling with respect to the applicability of any rule or statute that is subject to the authority or jurisdiction of DAS, to a person, a property, or a state of facts. The rule also describes the standard for granting a hearing on the petition, provisions for the notice of hearing, procedures for the hearing, the rules of evidence and procedure, the procedure for the Director to issue a ruling, and the petitioner’s right to notice of the decision.

Title 12 - Department of Administrative Services, Rules & Regulations Concerning the Approval of Contracts for Personal Services

Chapter 1 - Approval of Contracts for Personal Services

  • These rules were adopted pursuant to the provisions of sections 73-301 through 73-306 and describe the Director’s approval process for personal service contracts that displace a state employee. The rule describes the requesting agencies obligations and the information the agency must submit to the director. It also discusses the requirement to have a Plan of Assistance for the displaced employee.

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Employee Relations

No promulgated rules and regulations or public guidance documents.

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Materiel Division

Title 9 - Materiel Division Rules & Regulations

  • These rules and regulations were adopted pursuant to Materiel Division statutory authority regarding procurement. The rules provide detail on the State Purchasing Bureau Bidder’s List, methods of procurement, standard conditions and terms of competitive bid solicitations and offers, awarding of contracts, and the execution of contracts.

Chapter 1 – State Purchasing Bureau Bidders List

  • This chapter describes to vendors the instructions on how to be placed on the State Purchasing Bureau Bidders' List. It also provides reasons on which vendors can be removed by State Purchasing from the Bidders List.

Chapter 2 – Method of Procurement

  • This chapter describes the four types of procurement methods: Competitive Formal Sealed Bids, Informal Competitive Bids, Contract Procurements and Direct Purchases.

Chapter 3 – Standard Conditions and Terms of Competitive Bid Solicitation and Offer

  • This chapter provides terms and conditions and standard processes for the Materiel Division procurement processes.

Chapter 4 – Awarding of Contract

  • This chapter provides information to vendors regarding the rules of awarding a contract. This chapter gives information on how the State of Nebraska defines the lowest responsible bidder, method of award, tie bids and preference, bid rejection, grievance, and notifications of awards.

Chapter 5 - Execution of Contract

  • This chapter details the rules pertaining to packing, delivery acceptance, performance and default, assignment of purchase order, acts of subcontractors, nondiscrimination, strikes, lockouts or acts of God, and the cancellation of purchase orders.

State Purchasing Bureau Protest/Grievance Procedures

  • The Standard Protest/Grievance Procedures for Vendors details the procedures and instructions for vendors to protest a commodity or service contract awarded through DAS – Materiel Division – State Purchasing Bureau. Such instructions include deadlines, contact information for where to submit protests/grievances and what to include in any protest/grievance.

State Purchasing Bureau Vendor Manual

  • The Vendor Manual provides guidance to vendors with basic information regarding how to bid on solicitations for the State of Nebraska. The Manual provides detail on various procurement methods used by State Purchasing Bureau, provides a general overview of the processes for procuring goods and services, and discusses the process for awarding a contract, as well as protests/grievances and Vendor Performance Reports. This document is not an all-inclusive manual.

Vendor Application and Instructions

  • The Vendor Application and Instructions details for vendors the process and the form necessary for inclusion on the State Purchasing Bureau’s Bidders List, along with instruction on how to become a registered vendor. It also provides instruction on how to change vendor information such as an address change or any additions/deletions in provided commodities.

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Office of the Capitol Commission

Title 6 - Office of the Capitol Commission, Rules and Regulations Governing Use of the State Capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • These rules and regulations govern the use of public spaces of the State Capitol and Grounds.

Campaigning Guidelines

  • Guidelines for conducting political campaign activities at the Nebraska State Capitol.

Drone and UAV Guidelines

  • Guidelines for use of drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at the Nebraska State Capitol.

Exterior Lighting Guidelines

  • Guidelines for lighting the exterior of the Nebraska State Capitol.

Family Photo Guidelines

  • Guidelines for photography of family groups in the Nebraska State Capitol.

First Floor Display Guidelines

  • Guidelines for groups wishing to place displays in the first floor rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol.

Leafletting Guidelines

  • Guidelines for in person distribution of printed materials at the Nebraska State Capitol.

News Conference Guidelines

  • Guidelines for groups wishing to hold a news conference at the Nebraska State Capitol.

Rally Guidelines

  • Guidelines for groups wishing to hold a rally at the Nebraska State Capitol.

Printed Material Distribution Guidelines

  • Guidelines for the passive distribution of printed material in the Nebraska State Capitol.

Promenade Deck Access Guidelines

  • Guidelines for public access to the Capitol Promenade Deck.

Second Floor Rotunda Program Guidelines

  • Guidelines for groups wishing to hold programs or ceremonies in the 2nd floor rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol.

Smoking Guidelines

  • Guidelines for smoking and the use of tobacco products at the Nebraska State Capitol.

Wedding Guidelines

  • Guidelines for holding a wedding in the Nebraska State Capitol.

Wedding Photography Guidelines

  • Guidelines for photography of wedding groups in the Nebraska State Capitol.

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Chief Information Officer

No promulgated rules and regulations or public guidance documents.

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Risk Management

State Claims Board Rules and Regulations

  • These rules and regulations govern the State Claims Board and how claims against the State are required to be filed, verified, approved, denied, awarded, etc. as well as the rules governing the meetings of the State Claims Board.

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State Accounting Division

Title 10 - Department of Administrative Services - Social Security Bureau Rules & Regulations

Chapter 1 - Election Official Exclusion

  • 1-001 - Outdated as written. (Current Exclusion: Wages of less than $1000.00 per year are now excluded wages per a subsequent modification outside this regulation).

Chapter 2 - Student Exclusion

  • 2-001 - Excludes university student wages from social security taxes during the school year.

Chapter 3 - Due Dates

  • 3-001 - Obsolete
  • 3-002 - Obsolete

Chapter 4 - Record Inspection

  • 4-001 - Obsolete

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State Budget Division

No promulgated rules and regulations or public guidance documents.

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State Building Division

Title 7 - Department of Administrative Services - Building Division Rules & Regulations

Chapter 1 – Rules and Regulations Governing the Parking of Motor Vehicles on Approaches to the Capitol Grounds and on the Lands Adjacent to the Capitol Grounds

  • This chapter describes the parking and traffic regulations as they pertain to the Capitol Grounds and adjacent areas, as well as the enforcement methods available for any violation of such rules. The rules lay out general rules and regulations for state parking facilities and where any complaints can be directed.

Chapter 2 – Leasing Privately Owned Real Property (Click here for current version)

  • This chapter outlays the procedures to be used as a guideline by all state agencies, boards or commissions when leasing storage and/or office space to include public notice requirements, requests for proposal and contracting requirements.

Chapter 3 – Regulations Governing the Standards and Specifications to Make All Applicable Buildings and Facilities Accessible to and Functional for the Physically Handicapped

  • This chapter outlays the rules and regulations established by the Public Buildings safety Advisory Committee to govern the standards and specifications to make all applicable buildings and facilities accessible to and functional for the physically handicapped.

Chapter 4 – Policies Governing the Installation and Operation of Concessions, Vending Machines, and Cafeterias

  • This chapter describes the authority and policy of the installation and operation of concessions, vending machines and cafeterias for the convenience of state officers and employees in the State Capitol or buildings leased when such space is not needed for public use.

Chapter 5 – Rules and Regulations Governing Use of the State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • This chapter is obsolete and OCC has rules and regs and jurisdiction over the Capitol.

Chapter 6 – Rules and Regulations Governing the use of State Office Building, 301 Centennial mall South, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • These rules and regulations govern the use of the State Office Building located at 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Chapter 7 – Rules and Regulations Governing Procedures for Facility Construction Projects

  • These rules and regulations govern the procedures used in the capital construction process as well as the process for professional consultant selection and the Comprehensive Capital Facilities Plan.

External Leasing Manual

The External Leasing Manual outlays the guidelines and process for code agencies for the planning and procurement of leased space.

Parking Manual

Manual outlaying external parking process, policy, pertinent statutes and parking forms used for such processes and policies and policies.

Procedural Manual for Capital Construction Projects

The Procedural Manual for Capital Construction is designed to assist State agencies, State Building Division, the professional consultants and building construction industry in understanding and implementing procedures required for successfully processing a capital construction project for the State of Nebraska.

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State Personnel

Title 273 – State of Nebraska Classified Personnel System Rules & Regulations

The Classified System Personnel Rules & Regulations are intended to establish the necessary procedures to assure reasonably uniform and consistent personnel practices throughout State government, and to meet statutory requirements. Items addressed include topics related to employment practices and the management of personnel, such as employee recruitment and selection, employment policies, classification and compensation of positions, probationary periods, performance management, work schedules, leave, reduction in force, discipline, and grievances.

Chapter 4 – Employee Recruitment and Selection

  • This chapter outlines the recruitment, posting and application process, as well as when interview expenses may be reimbursed, and the agency selection process. The chapter also discusses the Employment Eligibility Verification process and the Veteran’s Preference as provided in State statute.

Chapter 5 - Temporary Employment

  • This chapter lists the authority through State Statute 81-1307 and outlines AS/State Personnel Division as the clearinghouse for all State temporary employment. It provides rules for benefits, as well as monitoring length of service, termination, grievance rights, compensation, overtime, maintenance of personnel records and reporting.

State of Nebraska Classification & Pay Plan

The Classification & Pay Plan provides, on a yearly basis, the updated job classifications currently utilized within the State Classified Personnel System, including classification titles, classification codes, minimum hourly hiring rate, minimum permanent, mid-point, and maximum hourly rates. The job titles and class codes not covered under the Classified Personnel System are also published.

Title 276- Suggestion System Rules

Chapter 1 – Scope

  • Describes which employees are eligible to receive awards and explains the purpose of the Employee Suggestion System

Chapter 2 – Definitions

  • Defines terms for the purposes of the Suggestion System Rules.

Chapter 3 – Suggestion Award Board

  • Describes who composes the Suggestion Award Board, how vacancies are filled, and the powers of such board.
  • Illustrates the duties of the DAS State Personnel Division Director with respect to the Suggestion System.
  • Outlines rules regarding payment of awards.

Chapter 4 – Duties of the Agencies and Procedure

  • Outlines the procedures and processes for submitting suggestions, including the duties of state agencies and timelines.

Chapter 5 – Eligibility of Suggestions

  • Addresses which suggestions are eligible for award, including if the suggestions is modified, and how duplicate and group suggestions are considered for eligibility.

Chapter 6 – Rights of Parties

  • Describes the rights of employees regarding awards and the State of Nebraska’s rights regarding using suggestions.

Chapter 7 – Appeals

  • Outlines process for appeals pertaining to eligibility and suggestions that were not adopted or rejected.

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Transportation Services Bureau

Title 8 – Transportation Services Bureau Rules and Regulations

Chapter 1 – Rules and Regulations Governing Use of State-Owned and Personal Vehicles for Official State Business

  • 1-001 - The Rules and Regulations govern the use of state-owned and personal vehicles by state employees in their official duties for official state business.
  • 1-002 – Definitions of the following terms: agency head, Chief of Transportation Services Bureau, vehicle coordinator, State-owned vehicle, and personal vehicle.
  • 1-003 – Lists the requirements to operate a State-owned vehicle.
  • 1-004 – Identifies the responsibilities of agency heads and vehicle coordinators, vehicle identification requirements, maintenance guidelines, fuel requirements, and travel documentation.
  • 1-005 – Outlines use of personal vehicle for official State business and reimbursable expenses.
  • 1-006 – Guidelines for permanent assignment of State-owned vehicles to state agencies, boards, and commissions.
  • 1-007 – Requirements identified for the use of seat belts and safety restraint devices in State-owned or personal vehicles.
  • 1-008 – Defines the disciplinary actions for misuse of State-owned vehicles, including personal use violations, traffic violations, and repeated offenses.
  • 1-009 – Provides guidelines for processing complaints regarding alleged misuse of State-owned vehicles and any resulting disciplinary actions.

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