Payroll Card Application Instructions

(revised  January 29, 2009)


In order to properly process payroll card applications, HR/Payroll personnel need to follow the following steps:


·         Be knowledgeable enough about the payroll card so you can help all your employees.


·         When an employee requests a payroll card, the employee must complete two forms:

o   Application

o   Direct Deposit Information Form  


·         Help employees understand that the information requested by the bank on the sign-up form is standard for electronic card processing.


·         Inform employees that their payroll cards will come in a plain white envelope from US Bank.  So ask them to NOT throw such an envelope away without looking inside.  The payroll card will be mailed to the existing mailing address of the Address Book employee record.  Please confirm the address in the NIS Address Book


 Forms – [To be completed by employee and returned to Agency HR Department]



·         The employee should print the application form and complete it as requested.  Information requested is consistent with that needed by the bank to establish a new account. 


Direct Deposit Information Form  

·         The employee should print the Direct Deposit agreement form and enter the requested information on the document. 

·         Enter a “PC” in the second column and leave the “bank routing number” and the “account number” blank.    (These numbers will be provided by State Accounting – Payroll Department at a later time for entry into NIS.) 

·         Use Code 22 (checking account) for the transaction code. 


Note:  Instructions for completing this form can be found in the NIS Training Manual.   DO NOT enter this information into the NIS HR/Payroll banking information screen at this time.




Account Setup

When the completed forms are submitted for processing, make a copy for your file and forward the originals, via Inter-Office mail,  to the State Accounting Payroll Department, Room 1314 State Capitol Building.  State Accounting will enter the application into the U.S. Bank system when it is received. 


Once the application is entered, the forms will be returned to you with the updated information (bank routing numbers and account numbers). The new bank card will be sent directly to the employee.  Ask each employee to inform you when they have physically received their payroll card in the mail (approximately a week to ten days) and remind them that the card will be sent in a plain white window envelope for security reasons.  They should watch for the envelope and not discard it as junk mail. 


When you receive notification that the employee HAS received the card, enter the information from the returned forms (including the banking information received from State Accounting Payroll department) into NIS.  Once the information is entered into NIS, all future pay will be deposited onto the card. (If you enter this data before the employee receives the payroll card, the employee will have no way to access his/her pay.)  Instructions on entering this data into NIS are on the same link provided above.


Direct Deposit of expense checks to the Pay Card can be accomplished in the same way.  Simply follow the instructions provided at the link.