I.    Under Type of Request Indicate “New Account”


    II.    Indicate “Plastic” or “No Plastic”

1.    Plastic - a plastic card account is a 16-digit account number and expiration date printed on a plastic card and issued to an individual employee.

2.    No Plastic - a cardless account where a 16-digit account number and expiration date is issued to a cardholder who makes repetitious purchases where no plastic card is needed.  Cardless accounts are limited to purchases that require only a card number such as purchases placed by mail, fax, Internet, or phone.


   III.    Complete all fields in the Card Information Section

1.    Full name to be embossed on the front of the card for a plastic account.

2.    NIS Address Book number is used for cardholder identification rather than Social Security Number.

3.    The Organization Name will be printed on the card.

4.    The address field should indicate the billing address where the cardholder’s Monthly Reconciliation Statement is to be mailed. The address can be the cardholder’s home address or work address.  

5.    The Business Unit is a key piece of information that will be used as a default for the charges made on the card.  The business unit is seven or eight digits. Note: The default object account is 539500 - Purchasing Card Suspense.  This object must be attached to any Business Unit used as a purchasing card default.

6.    Monthly and single transaction credit limits will be set by default based on the type of card requested.  Adjustments to those defaults would have to be requested through State Accounting.

7.    Business phone number with area code is required for reference by UMB Bank Customer Service.

8.    Home phone number with area code is optional.


  IV.    Complete required fields in the Authorization Section

1.    Agency Name

2.    Employee must sign and date

3.    Agency Coordinator must sign and date. 



Send a completed and signed form to AS State Accounting at this linkPurchasing Card


This opens an e-mail to and inserts the subject Purchasing card.