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Description of Vehicle Complaint Process:

Every vehicle complaint received in the TSB office is handled professionally and efficiently. The State and TSB’s expectations of our drivers include observing all traffic rules and regulations, employing defensive driving techniques, and representing the State in a positive and professional manner.

Complaints received at TSB are logged and incident details are recorded. Whenever possible, please provide the date of the incident, time of day, make/model/color of the vehicle, the license number, number of occupants in the vehicle, and the location of the incident.

Once the complaint has been documented, TSB will forward the report to the respective state agency, board, bureau, commission or other subdivision of state government - whoever has assignment or use of the state-owned vehicle - and will request a response, generally within five working days. The agency’s response is reviewed by TSB Administration. Requests for additional information may be made by TSB throughout the process.

Additional information regarding the Complaint process may be found in Section 4 of the Vehicle Coordinator’s Handbook or you may contact Karen Billings.

Vehicle Complaint Form

To file a complaint about State Employee Driving, please fill out the following form, or call Karen Billings at (402) 471-2898.


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