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Definition of a Rental Vehicle:

TSB vehicles are available for short-term use, from TSB motor pools located throughout the State. Vehicles may be rented up to a two week time period. Daily rental and mileage rates are charged according to the vehicle type.


  • EFFECTIVE Monday, 06/01/2015, TSB's Norfolk motor pool dispatch service will operate from the Lincoln office. Please contact Kim Frey at 1-866-872-6510, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST, to request a rental vehicle from the Norfolk motor pool.

    EFFECTIVE Monday, 09/01/2014 - REVISED TSB RENTAL PROCESS - All state agency-approved drivers will be required to present their State-issued employee identification and a valid driver's license each time they request a TSB rental vehicle.


For vehicle availability information, call the TSB Motor Pools.

Drivers meeting the requirements and when authorized by their agencies to do so may rent vehicles from TSB Motor Pools. An agency approved Travel Request Form or a completed Universal Travel Request Form will be required.

TSB Motor Pool Rental forms and official travel logs shall be completed in accordance with instructions contained in Sections 5 and 7 in the TSB P&P Manual.

Rental vehicles must be picked up at the TSB Motor Pool the day travel begins and returned the day travel ends. Vehicle logbooks and keys can be picked up after 4:00 p.m. the day preceding departure (or Friday preceding a Monday departure) if travel is to begin on a non-work day or prior to the beginning of business (7:30 a.m.).

In Lincoln, vehicles returned after 5:00 p.m. or on a non-work day are to be parked in the TSB Motor Pool (Nebraska State Office Building’s East Parking Garage, Level 2, south side) and locked. Completed logbooks and keys are to be deposited in the drop box (located on the east side of the TSB Rental Center building).

TSB strongly recommends drivers perform a pre-departure inspection. Any vehicle damage is to be reported to TSB staff prior to the vehicle leaving the premises.

Any vehicle deficiencies or malfunctions noted during the trip are to be reported on the back of the vehicle log sheets provided and reported to the TSB Motor Pool staff.

All litter and personal property shall be removed from vehicles before they are turned in at any TSB Motor Pool. Vehicles turned in with excessive litter or personal property will result in a call to the designated vehicle coordinator or driver to return to the TSB Rental Center building to clean out the vehicle.