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TSB Forms


Form J is to be completed and returned to TSB when your agency requests a new permanently assigned TSB lease vehicle – OR – for a change in vehicle type/upgrade of designated TSB lease vehicles. Please note – changes in vehicle type/upgrades are reviewed ONLY during TSB’s annual vehicle replacement cycle. Form J instructions may be accessed here. Completion of Form J does not guarantee an upgrade and/or change in vehicle type.

Form S is to be completed and returned to TSB when your agency anticipates the need for additional vehicles on a temporary basis. Requests for seasonal or summer use vehicles will be reviewed and approved based on existing fleet availability. New vehicles will not be purchased solely to fill seasonal or summer requests.

Transportation Requests are to be completed and presented to TSB staff when renting a TSB Motor Pool vehicle. The Transportation Request is exempt if your agency has a Universal Travel Authorization on file with TSB.

Universal Travel Authorizations may be utilized by your agency in lieu of the Transportation Request form.

Official TSB Travel Logs are to be completed per Statute 81-1025.

If you are unable to access or open the forms, please contact (402) 471-2897 or (402) 471-2898 for assistance.