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Vehicle Coordinators


  • EFFECTIVE Monday, 09/01/2014 - REVISED TSB RENTAL PROCESS - All state agency-approved drivers will be required to present their State-issued employee identification and a valid driver's license each time they request a TSB rental vehicle.


Defensive Driving Course

There are three (3) requirements which employees must provide in order to drive a State-owned vehicle. The first is a valid State of Nebraska driver's license, the second is completion of a TSB approved defensive driving course, and the third is a Transportation Services Bureau (TSB) Driver Identification (ID) Card. The TSB Driver ID Card is issued to an employee upon their successful completion of the Talent Management Software Solution (TMSS), Learning Management System's (LMS) Defensive Driving Course. Contact State Personnel at 402.471.2075 or by email regarding course registration.

Vehicle Coordinator Responsibilities

Review the responsibilities given to Vehicle Coordinators in Section 3 of the Policies and Procedures manual.

TSB Official Travel Logs

State statute (§81-1025) mandates all travel in State-owned vehicles is to be recorded and reported in detail and forwarded to TSB so that the logs arrive at TSB no later than the 7th day of the following month.




Voyager Fleet Card Fuel Receipts

DO NOT attach any Voyager fuel receipts to the TSB Official Travel Log. Agencies/divisions must keep those receipts for a period of time consistent with the established document retention schedules.