Administrative Services



General Instructions:

If any State driver/employee should be involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first concern is for their safety. The general steps listed in Section 15/Insurance and Accidents, found on Pages 26 through 28 in the Administrative Services, TSB Policies & Procedures Manual dated May, 2016, have been revised as of 07/03/2018 for reporting accidents involving TSB lease vehicles. Please note - if there is bodily injury, please ensure your TSB Vehicle Coordinator, your agency’s Director, or appropriate agency representative, as well as TSB and Risk Management, are notified immediately.

Once the driver/employee has notified their TSB Vehicle Coordinator of the accident and complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Report, which may be found here or on Risk's webpage under "Documents":

  • The TSB Vehicle Coordinator will complete the online report, attaching the completed Motor Vehicle Accident Report. Risk Management has set-up an online reporting portal which can be accessed through Risk Management’s SharePoint site. For your convenience, a link to Risk’s SharePoint site is available on Risk’s website,
  • TSB Vehicle Coordinators will obtain two estimates for repairs from body shops and email to the State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator, at, within ten days of the date of the accident or within ten days of the date damages to the vehicle are discovered.
    • If the estimates are available at the time of online reporting, please upload the documentation at that time.
    • If you do not know of two vendors in your area that would provide written estimates for repair costs, contact the TSB Administration Office.
  • The State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator will review the accident report and repair estimates.

  • The State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator will email the repair approval with a copy of the approved estimate to the TSB Vehicle Coordinator, copying TSB on the communication, and will initiate the deductible billing.

  • Upon receipt of the repair approval notification, the Agency is to schedule the repair work to be performed by the approved repair vendor. Repairs are to be completed within 30 days. If repairs cannot be made within 30 days, contact the State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator immediately. Note: If repair work is not completed in a reasonable period of time as defined by the State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator, the agency may assume some or all of repair costs in addition to the required deductible.

  • When picking up the vehicle, inspect the repairs, obtain the final invoice from the approved repair vendor, and email the invoice immediately to the State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator.

  • After repairs have been completed and the final invoice has been approved by the State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator, the insurance payment will be sent to the approved repair vendor.
  • The State’s Third Party Insurance Administrator will forward a copy of the final invoice to TSB.


The leasing/renting agency is responsible for the $500.00 deductible required for each incident. If an agency leasing or renting an Administrative Services, TSB vehicle is responsible for damage to another Administrative Services, TSB vehicle, that agency will be responsible for paying both deductibles.



All forms to be completed are available from Administrative Services, Risk Management via their website,, or via phone at (402) 471-2551.