Administrative Services



General Instructions:

If any State driver/employee should be involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first concern is for their safety. You may find the general steps listed on Pages 26 through 28 in the Administrative Services, TSB Policies & Procedures Manual dated July, 2011. Once the driver/employee has notified you of the accident, you will need to do the following:

  • Ensure the driver/employee has completed the standard State of Nebraska Vehicle Accident Report at the scene (the forms are available at or call 402/479-4645). If they have not done so, have them complete the form immediately. If the driver/employee is injured, have the police notify the employee’s supervisor who will need to assume their responsibilities for reporting the accident. Note: All drivers of motor vehicles involved in accidents exceeding $500 must also report the accident in writing to the Department of Roads within 10 days using the Highway Safety Accident Report form (mentioned in the first sentence of this subsection).

  • Ensure you, your agency’s Director, or appropriate agency representative, as well as TSB and Risk Management, have been notified immediately if there is bodily injury.

  • Ensure the driver/employee has completed the Risk Management Automobile Accident Report (or call 402/471/2551) and has obtained two estimates of damage. Please contact the TSB Service Center if you do not know where to take the vehicle for estimates. The TSB Service Center cannot recommend a specific vendor but can suggest vendors within the area. The estimates must be obtained within 10 days of the accident.

  • Within two (2) business days, submit copies of all reports and documents to Administrative Services, TSB, 1400 “M” Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • Wait until you receive notification from the TSB Service Center contact regarding the appropriate vendor to use for the repair work. Once you receive the notification (usually in the form of an email with attachments) -

    • Your agency will be billed, via an IBT, for the required deductible.
    • Schedule the repair work with the vendor. The vehicle must be repaired within 30 days. Important: If the vehicle cannot be repaired within 30 days, please contact TSB immediately.
    • After all repair work has been completed, please send the final invoice to the Administrative Services, TSB contact for payment.


The leasing/renting agency is responsible for the $500.00 deductible required for each incident. If an agency leasing or renting an Administrative Services, TSB vehicle is responsible for damage to another Administrative Services, TSB vehicle, that agency will be responsible for paying both deductibles.



All forms to be completed are available from Administrative Services, Risk Management via their website,, or via phone at (402) 471-2551.