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All vehicles owned by the State of Nebraska must be insured for liability insurance. Agencies may also purchase auto physical damage for its vehicles.  If a State Employee uses his or her own vehicle for State business, and an accident occurs, that employee’s personal auto insurance is primary coverage and the State’s policy is excess.

If an accident occurs, contact Nebraska Risk Management Association, NRMA, at 402-742-9220 or 1-800-642-6671. NIRMA has been hired by the State of Nebraska to adjust all property, automobile and crime claims.  For serious accidents, call in the information first and then follow up with a written report. If you are in an accident, DO NOT ADMIT FAULT.

Qualifications for driving a State owned vehicle and/or driving a personal vehicle on State business:

  • Successful Completion of Defensive Driving Course in Employee Development Center (EDC).
  • Annual review of motor vehicle record from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles for all employees hired to drive any vehicle.
  • Current Driver’s License.
  • Biennial Refresher Course in Defensive Driving, and anytime a ticket occurs.
  • Adopt Personnel Rules to make employees accountable for poor driving records and allow for accommodations for employees who cannot drive safely temporarily due to injury, illness, medications, etc.


Additional information (such as insurance cards, auto memo, and other guidance documents) may be found on Risk Management's SharePoint site. This site is for use by State of Nebraska agencies only.

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