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The Risk Management Division of the Department of Administrative Services shall be responsible for the Risk Management Program for the State of Nebraska.  The program shall consist of the systematic identification of exposures to risk of loss related, but not limited to, State owned property, the protection and safety of State employees, and the indemnification of State officials and employees within limitations.  The program also follows the appropriate methods for dealing with such exposures in relation to the State budget.  Other duties include:

  • Develop and maintain loss and exposure data on all State property and liability risks;
  • Develop and recommend risk reduction/elimination programs for the State and its agencies;
  • Establish, implement, and monitor a statewide safety program;
  • Determine which risk exposures shall be insured and which risk exposures shall be self-insured or assumed by the State;
  • Establish standards for the purchase of necessary insurance coverage or risk management services at the lowest costs and which are consistent with good underwriting practices and sound risk management techniques;
  • Be the exclusive negotiating and contracting agency to purchase insurance or risk management services on behalf of the State and its agencies, officials, and employees; and
  • Determine whether the State suffered a loss for which self-insured property loss funds have been created and authorize and administer payments for such loss.

Allen D. Simpson



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