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Recognized by the State of Nebraska Wellness Program

Wellness Champions

Culture Awards

Walk This Way

  • Jonathan Burlison, Department of Insurance
  • Amber Gigstad, Department of Corrections
  • Gina Goodro, Department of Insurance
  • Shauna Groenewold
  • Stephanie Kessler, Department of Transportation
  • Deirdre Smith, Department of Education
  • Doug Barry, Environmental Quality
  • Kris Bourke, Administrative Services



  • Debe Dockhorn, Education
  • Jacqueline Schrotberger, Roads
  • Carolyn Williamson, Corrections (not pictured)



  • Peggy Arp, Corrections
  • Jerod Beach, Corrections
  • William Boucher, Corrections
  • Marie Leedom, Corrections
  • Mike Rooney, Health and Human Services


  • Bill Hetzler, Labor
  • Carly Salak, Game and Parks (not pictured)
  • Mike Scanlan, Health and Human Services
  • Paul Norrid, Corrections
  • Barbara Peterson, Insurance
  • Dave Hattan, Administrative Services
  • Department of Insurance
  • Department of Environmental Quality
  • Lincoln Regional Center


  • Department of Roads
  • State Treasurer's Office
  • Department of Education



  • Large Agency: Department of Education
  • Small Agency: Department of Labor
  • Honorable Mention: Department of Agriculture


  • Large Agency: Department of Education
  • Small Agency: Department of Agriculture
  • Honorable Mention: Department of Labor
  • Large Agency: Department of Education
  • Small Agency: State Patrol (not pictured)
  • Honorable Mention: Department of Corrections
  • Department of Environmental Quality

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