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Wellness Champions and Advocates

Who are Wellness Champions?

Wellness Champions are a vital part of the wellNEssoptions program. Often the first sources of information for fellow employees, Wellness Champions are trusted amongst their peers to provide guidance and support regarding program offerings and requirements, and to set an example for others to follow. The goal of a Wellness Champion is to serve as a resource to the State of Nebraska Employee Wellness Program to build a culture of health. This is accomplished by communicating wellNEssoptions programs to fellow co-workers, expanding opportunities for wellness education or active participation within agencies across the State, and providing constructive feedback to the Wellness Coordinator. What Wellness Champions have in common is their belief or passion for the wellness program and its mission and goals. Wellness Champions serve as an important direct link between the wellness program and their agency or department.

Wellness Champions

Administrative Services

  • Kris Bourke
  • Dave Hattan


  • Carolyn Collier


  • Carol Armknecht
  • Peggy Arp
  • Jeremiah Barns
  • Jena Bonenberger
  • William Boucher
  • Paul Clark
  • Tarn Davis
  • Timothy Dickey
  • Amber Drake
  • Molly Dummond
  • Scott Fredenburg
  • Amber Gigstad
  • Jason Ingels
  • Tirzah Johnson

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Environmental Quality

Game & Parks

  • Staci Anderson

Health and Human Services



Nebraska Educational Telecommunications

Post Secondary Education



Treasure's Office

  • Amanda Boucher




Who are Wellness Advocates?

The definition of Advocate is “a person who supports or works for a cause; one that supports or promotes”. A Wellness Advocate is one who is a proponent for the wellNEssoptions program and makes effort towards living a healthy lifestyle. The goal of a Wellness Advocate is to provide support to existing Wellness Champions and the Wellness Coordinator by assisting with program communications, providing feedback, and motivating peers through demonstration of healthy behaviors.

Wellness Advocates


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