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Vendor Solicitation Policy

The State of Nebraska does not endorse or assist vendors in selling their product or service. For the purposes of this Policy, a "vendor" is a person, group of people, or organization (whether profit or non-profit) selling or promoting a product or service for personal use. These persons who are selling or promoting this product or service shall not contact state employees during work hours. Vendors may not send by U.S. mail, interoffice mail, or deliver, any materials to state employees at their work address.

No information concerning a vendor (such as advertisements) shall be displayed on any state bulletin board. Employees may post individual notices on state bulletin boards located in cafeteria areas that comply with the State's requirements, including the State's Work Place Harassment Policy.

The State Capitol provides office space for the operation of State Government, and also serves as a tourist attraction for visitors. Because of this, the State Capitol may make information available of a tourist nature, such as eating establishments in the area, other tourist attractions, etc. This is permissible in the Capitol, Historical Society, Game and Parks locations, and Department of Roads rest stops through the State. However, this does not pertain to vendors who are soliciting or promoting a product or service not considered to be of tourist value.

Only State-sponsored vendors that have been selected by the State to provide a product or service to employees will be allowed to use State time and State property to distribute information. This type of solicitation will be coordinated through AS-State Personnel Division. The securing of payroll deduction through AS-Accounting Division does NOT mean a vendor is State-sponsored.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the State Personnel Director at 402-471-2833 or Stacey Dvorak via email or phone at 402-471-4112.

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