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Marlene Dufek: Person Centered Language

Person centered language will focus on using proper phrasing and terminology to honor people and refer to them in a respectful way versus a disrespectful way without even know that you might be doing it. For example: "that autistic person" is incorrect. The correct way to say that is "person with autism." The person is first. The disability is last.

About the Speaker

Name: Marlene Dufek

Title: Home Manager

Agency/Division: Developmental Disabilities


Marlene Dufek has an extensive background of experience in multiple settings. She was an elementary teacher for 25 years, taught in the Education Department at both UNL and Nebraska Wesleyan University teaching education courses and supervision of student teachers.


Marlene has done work for the Department of Health and Human Services in Child Protective Services and is currently a Home Manager serving people with Intellectual Disabilities.

She is also a certified Coach and provides coaching in career, business, and personal goal setting.  Marlene has a Bachelor’s Degree from UNL in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree from Doane College in Curriculum and Instruction.


In her free time, she likes to read, travel, and spend time with family and friends.

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