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Personnel expenses are often the largest expenditure made by state agencies, in many cases millions of taxpayer dollars. An effective leader can leverage the significant dollars spent on our people into astounding results. However, to realize these results we must first invest in the leaders themselves. The Nebraska State Government Leadership Certificate is unlike any other leadership program. We have built a custom learning experience combining the knowledge of the most reputable national professionals and our own internal experts to deliver curriculum that is both practical and immediately useful. Candidates stay connected online to instructors and each other continuously throughout the year, affording the highest retention rates of material while building a professional network that will continue to support their growth and development for the life of their careers at the State of Nebraska. At less than one-fourth the market price of equivalent courses and with the added value of constant support from the learning professionals in State Personnel, the Nebraska State Government Leadership Certificate offers a return on investment without measure.


The curriculum involves the following, in alphabetical order. View the Leadership Certificate Booklet to get more information on any of these courses.

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence (new course!)
  • Ethics in Government
  • Hiring Righ
  • Leading Change (new course!)
  • Lunchtime Learning
  • Personnel Rules and Contracts
  • Planning for Succession (new course!)
  • Project Management
  • Building Team Morale
  • Computer Skills Suite
  • Cultivating Positive Culture (new course!)
  • Customer-Centered Government
  • Effective Communication for Leaders
  • Effective Performance Management
  • Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds
  • Who should participate?

    State employees recently promoted to a supervisory role or experienced managers desiring to increase leadership effectiveness.

  • How long is the program?

    The Leadership Certificate involves one year of continuous learning with a completion ceremony at the conclusion to recognize the successful candidates.

  • How do I sign up?

    Registration and administration will be through the Employee Development Center. Contact among the group will be maintained throughout the education period through the Connect environment in the EDC, which is a social collaboration feature that already exists in the system. A private group will be formed and maintained by the training team at State Personnel, providing engagement, enrichment and reinforcement.

  • Do I need to attend everything?

    Attendance is expected at all scheduled events and completion of all program elements is required for graduation.

  • How will each candidate's success be supported?

    At the time of approval, the candidate’s direct supervisor will agree to support his/her participation, allowing time to attend and complete training. If desired the direct supervisor, the candidate and a member of the State Personnel training team will meet prior to the start of the program to discuss roles and responsibilities, answer any questions and assist to enter program goals and deadlines into the candidate’s Performance section of the Employee Development Center. To best support the learning and growth of the candidate, the direct supervisor will meet with the candidate at least quarterly to update progress toward goals and deadlines both verbally and in the EDC; this will be monitored and supported by the State Personnel training team. Additionally, each candidate will be exposed to experienced state government leaders who have volunteered to be Subject Matter Experts. The candidates and SMEs will be encouraged to interact on the Connect forums.

  • How will success be measured?

    A baseline assessment will be provided to both the candidate and his/her direct supervisor to determine strengths, areas of need and desired outcomes. Formal and informal assessments will be present throughout the learning year to capture and reteach any knowledge gaps. A final evaluation with the candidate and direct supervisor will determine improvements in actual job performance and if desired outcomes were met.

  • What is the cost?

    $1499. This fee is all-inclusive; there are never additional charges for books, supplies, etc.

  • Isn't that very expensive?

    While the investment of time and agency dollars is not small, the return on that investment is exceptional. The retail cost of equivalent courses is $6652, which is more than four times the cost of the Leadership Certificate to agencies. Additionally, outside programs do not offer the customization for the nuances of state government, the support provided by the training professionals at State Personnel or the opportunity to network with other leaders.

  • How much training is included?

    Candidates will receive approximately 82 hours of Instructor-led training and an estimated 72 hours of online and self-paced learning, for a total of 154 hours. That is a cost of fewer than ten dollars per hour of instruction.

  • I have more questions.

    Please contact Renae Prieto, Training and Development Manager, at 402-471-4113 or

Bill Bott, Change & Innovation Agency

Bill started his career in public service volunteering at an Air Force Youth Center, but quickly found himself submersed in the world of government improvement initiatives. A survivor of TQM, Zero Defects, and Six Sigma, Bill has dedicated his professional life to helping make elements of these square pegs fit into the round holes that make up the work we do. In 1999, he left the federal government and went to work for the State of Missouri and in his time there worked with some amazing people who saved the state over half a billion dollars in real costs in less than 10 years.

Best known for his work consolidating the IT functions and staff in the state, he was recognized as a GOVERNING Public Official of the Year in 2007, and one of Government Technology's 2008 Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers. He also received accolades from the American Business Awards for his innovative approach to IT management and was chosen to represent the United States as a young leader by the American Council on Germany.

Bill joined the Change and Innovation Agency in 2009 and now works with public servants across the country. A regular speaker on IT Consolidation and Project Management, his message of true process improvement before automation is a frequent theme in his writings and in his workshops.


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