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Gina Alber: Your Health/Physical Goals

Could you be doing more/should you be doing more…. Most of us are thinking/saying yes.  Instead of a speech about how you can change your life in 10 easy steps, I want to you to consider the "why" today.


So, if I told you I wanted to lose 10 pounds, I wanted to run a marathon, I wanted to quit smoking, what else? What would you tell me to do? We know the answers: I would simply eat less, be more mindful about what I ate and I would train, wean myself off of cigarettes.  Easy.. Why? We all know what to do… all you need to do is….

If I were to…. lose 10 pounds, I wanted to run a marathon, I want to quit smoking, how would that affect me?  Feel better / look better / get recognition.


About the Speaker

Name: Gina Alber

Title: Training Coordinator

Agency/Division: Department of Administrative Services/309 Task Force


Gina has been a training coordinator for the 309 Task Force since April of 2014, and prior she was employed with DHHS as a recruiter for the Beatrice State Development Center and as a Professional Development Specialist (trainer) with Duncan Aviation. Gina enjoys training and delivering topics focused on personal growth/improvement. Gina received her Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies from UNL in May of 2015.

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