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Gina Alber: Priorities VS Reality

Priorities VS reality. What are priorities (these are the big pieces/life long)? Bigger than your goal for today. Picking up milk on the way home or the emergency item your child just called about is not what this list is.  These are fundamental to you.

About the Speaker

Name: Gina Alber

Title: Training Coordinator

Agency/Division: Department of Administrative Services/309 Task Force


Gina has been a training coordinator for the 309 Task Force since April of 2014, and prior she was employed with DHHS as a recruiter for the Beatrice State Development Center and as a Professional Development Specialist (trainer) with Duncan Aviation. Gina enjoys training and delivering topics focused on personal growth/improvement. Gina received her Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies from UNL in May of 2015.

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