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Crystal Booker: Performance Management & the ADA

This training is for supervisors, managers, and administrators who supervise employees that have either disclosed a disability or are regarded as disabled. Employees who are covered under the ADA are required to perform their essential job functions in a satisfactory manner. During this training, learners will be provided vital information about the ADA, accommodating employees in compliance with the ADA, and how to hold employees who have been accommodated to the same performance standards as other employees. Training will include instruction, discussion, and real-life scenarios to practice applying what was learned.


About the Speaker

Name: Crystal Booker

Title: Employee Relations Representative

Agency/Division: DAS-Employee Relations


Crystal Booker has worked for the State of Nebraska for more than a decade. During her time with the state, she has served in a variety of roles focusing on labor relations, risk management, and human resources. She currently works as an Employee Relations Representative for the Department of Administrative Services. In this role, she acts as a hearing officer in the grievance process, negotiator of labor contracts, interpreter of employment law/labor contracts, and advisor to state agencies, boards, and commissions on personnel matters. Crystal is most experienced in employment law, specifically Family Medical Leave, accommodations under the ADA, discipline, grievances, and worker’s compensation.


In addition to Crystal’s assigned duties, she currently acts as the State of Nebraska’s ADA Coordinator. It is her duty, along with the ADA Task Force which includes representatives from the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Equal Opportunity Commission, Office of the Chief Information Officer, and the Department of Administrative Services to coordinate the efforts of all state agencies, boards, and commissions to comply with Title II of the ADA.

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