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Chuck Chase: Ugly is Not a Violation

I began asking floodplain administrators about training needs soon after I started working at the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. Violation and enforcement training has been the most requested training I have received. “What do we do if someone builds in a floodplain before we notice?” “What do we do if our Council refuses to prosecute?” “How do we handle irate citizens?” “How do we enforce this?”.

About the Speaker

Name: Chuck Chase, CFM

Title: Floodplain Outreach Coordinator

Agency/Division: Department of Natural Resources


Chuck Chase is the Floodplain Outreach Coordinator for the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and a Certified Floodplain Manager.  Chuck presents training & outreach programs and helps local communities with implementing the NFIP. Chuck is a retired Coast Guard Chief and formerly an Exercise Training Officer for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.  He is on the board for the Nebraska Floodplain and Storm water Manager’s Association. Chuck has a BS in Education (go Peru Bobcats) and an MS in Quality Systems Management. Chuck’s favorite part of his job is meeting new people: getting to know them and their communities.

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