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Brian Pantzlaff: Private Venture Business with the Dept. of Corrections and Our Inmate Workers

Learn about private venture business with the Department of Corrections and inmate workers.

About the Speaker

Name: Brian Pantzlaff

Title: Manufacturing Manager

Agency/Division: CSI


Brian Pantzlaff is the Nebraska Dept. of Corrections PIECP and CSI Reentry Manager. Since 1987 he has been growing and developing both the business and the employees that run them, starting with Oscar Mayer and soon after creating a surgical distribution business in the Midwest. In 2012, Brian had the opportunity to join NDCS. In the last few years Brian has been able to bring "behind the walls" several new PIECP businesses from welding and grinding to cabinet building. In his responsibilities as the CSI Reentry Manager he has been able to start the OSHA 10 certification program, Diversified Manufacturing and Technology certification, a welding apprenticeship, software and web development along with various other classes aimed at creating an inmate that has the tools to obtain gainful employment.

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