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How to Submit a Suggestion

  1. Use a separate form for each idea.
  2. Give a short title, which you think will best identify the subject of the suggestion.
  3. Explain the existing or previous method or condition.
  4. Describe your idea in sufficient detail to enable review without requesting additional information. This is your suggestion--make it tell your story--show how it can be done.
  5. Explain the advantages that will result. When there will be tangible benefits, estimate the amount and explain how you arrived at this figure--this is your opportunity to "sell" your idea.
  6. Explain what circumstances made you think of this suggestion.
  7. If a sketch or sample will clarify your proposal, or if your suggestion affects a form, mail or e-mail a copy to our office within three (3) working days of submitting this suggestion.
  8. Submission of this on-line suggestion serves as your signature. If there are co-suggesters, the additional information for those co-suggesters must be submitted at the same time the original suggestion is sent.
  9. Submission of this on-line suggestion will be considered the same as a copy mailed to the Employee Suggestion System.
  10. In the space provided, be sure to indicate the agencies your suggestion will benefit.

After Submitting a Suggestion

What happens to your suggestion?


The State Suggestion System Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of your suggestion. The suggestion, if acceptable, will be referred to your Agency Award Coordinator and Agency Award Committee for evaluation. If your suggestion requires more than 30 days to complete the evaluation, you will be informed about the delay. The complexity of a suggestion or the need for extensive testing may necessitate a longer evaluation period.

After your suggestion has been evaluated, the Agency Award Committee will recommend adoption or non-adoption to the Agency Head or designee. If adopted, you will receive a cash award with a certificate. Whether adopted or not, you will receive a copy of the evaluation.


Appeals and Reconsideration


If your suggestion is not adopted and you are dissatisfied with the reasons for non-adoption, you may appeal the decision within 30 calendar days from the date of the original letter of non-adoption. You must submit additional or supplemental information which was not previously covered or which points out an error in the evaluation report. Your appeal should be sent to the DAS -Personnel Division Director. You retain rights to your suggestion for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of the letter of non-adoption. If your suggestion is placed in effect during this two-year period, you may request reconsideration of your suggestion.

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