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What does SOS expect from you, the employee?

Congratulations! The SOS Program welcomes YOU! You have an opportunity to work for Nebraska State Government, the State’s largest employer. We wish you luck in your new position and offer the following suggestions to assist with your success as a State employee. We expect good work ethics and a standard of conduct that reflect a professional and positive image for yourself, as well as for the State of Nebraska.

It is your responsibility to ask for clarification and explanations to ensure you are aware of, and can comply with, the agency’s expectations shown below.

If you have questions about any of the processes, policies, or procedures listed on this page, please contact the SOS Program immediately at 402-471-4093.

Adhere to agency expectations: We want to make sure that we hire employees who will competently fill the agency vacancy in a professional manner. Please be sure you are aware of the agency’s expectations and adhere to those expectations. It should be your goal as an SOS employee to leave each agency to which you are assigned with a POSITIVE IMPRESSION of YOUR WORK PERFORMANCE, as well as of the SOS PROGRAM.

Maintain good work ethics: By listing temporary positions with SOS, State agencies reinforce their support of our program. This support deserves not only quality temporary employment assistance, but reliable employees. Here are the basic standards of conduct we expect of our SOS employees:

  • Promptness: SOS employees are expected to report to work on time. Please arrange your transportation and parking so you are ready to begin work on the assigned hour.
  • Breaks/lunch periods: You are expected to follow the policy of the agency to which you are assigned in regards to rest breaks and lunch periods. Please remember that a “break” is a privilege, not a requirement. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE!
  • Appointments/interviews: Please make arrangements in advance for all appointments or interviews. Consult your supervisor in advance for a time most convenient for them.
  • Absences: If you are unable to report to work on any given day, due to illness or an emergency, you must report to both the SOS Program and to your immediate supervisor. These calls must be placed immediately and on each day you are absent. Failure to notify the proper officials could result in termination and/or removal from the SOS Program
  • Use of state equipment: Phones, computers, the internet, copy and fax machines, calculators, etc., are to be used for State business ONLY. Personal phone calls should be placed only during your breaks and lunch periods. Long distance phone calls are prohibited, unless the call is for State business.
  • Dress Codes: With the variety of temporary assignments available through SOS, there is a variety of acceptable dress codes. SOS will make every effort to inform you what is appropriate. However, unless notified differently, it is safe to assume standard office attire is expected.


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