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As a supervisor, how can I ensure my temporary employee’s success?

The SOS staff will make a courtesy call to the temporary employee’s supervisor approximately one week after the start date to determine whether he/she is performing satisfactorily. During the duration of the assignment, should you have any concerns regarding an SOS employee’s ability to complete the required tasks of your position and/or adhere to your agency’s expectations, policies, and procedures, please contact the SOS Program immediately prior to taking any personnel action at 402-471-4093.

Listed below are several suggestions on how you can assist in assuring the temporary employee’s success:

  • Give your employee a list of who’s who. Within the first day or two on the assignment, introduce your employee to his/her co-workers. If possible, give the employee a short description of each staff member’s duties or responsibilities, especially if the employee will answer the phones or route phone calls.
  • Make a current listing of all phone extensions for your employee, along with your staff members’ names as they are actually used.
  • Inform your employee of protocol,for example, when to pick up unanswered phone calls, or what to do with second calls. Once again, let your employee know who is responsible for answering certain, specific questions.
  • Let your employee know the rules of your agency: break times, personal phone calls, lunch periods, what stationary to use, flex-time, if available, etc.
  • Make sure your employee is aware of your expectations. Make sure the temporary employee clearly understands your expectations in the job, examples: training period, quotas to meet, etc.
  • Assign a person who is “next in charge.” Should the supervisor be absent, make sure your employee is aware of who is "next in charge" to report their absence or sign their timesheet. By informing the employee ahead of time, there should be no late timesheets due to a supervisor's absence.

Extensions: When you listed the position, the start and end dates for your temporary assignment were included on the job order. Please make sure to request an extension via email should you need an employee past the initial end date. A check will NOT be issued for employees still working beyond the initial end date.


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