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November/December 2011

News Articles

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Governor Recognizes Employees for Wellness Achievements

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Employee Recognition

Governor Recognizes Outstanding Achievements at the 2011 Charitable Giving Recognition Luncheon

October is Employee Recognition Month: Governor Honored State Employees Throughout Nebraska

2011 Governor's Years of Service Program

2011 Governor's Employee and Supervisor/Manager of the Year Program

Congratulations Nebraska State Employees Your 2010 Charitable Giving Campaign Receives Two Awards


Sam's Club Open House for Employee Discount Members

NMA Expo Scheduled for December 8, 2011

Annual Steps to Qualify for the 2012-2013 Wellness PPO

Join the Nebraska WeSave Employee Discount Program


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Wellness Achievements, Charitable Giving, and Employee Recognition
Recognizing 2011 Achievements and Accomplishments

The Nebraska Fall is in full swing and, as the temperature decreases, we are reminded that winter is just around the corner. But before we start compiling shopping lists and planning holiday activities, let’s take a few moments to reflect on some of our accomplishments over the past few months.

In August, we had the opportunity to honor those who exemplify the State of Nebraska’s culture of wellness at the 1st Annual Governor’s Award Luncheon. Individuals were awarded for their successes in the wellnessoptions program with either a spot on the Wellness Wall of Fame or recognition as a Wellness Champion. The Department of Environment Quality was recognized as an agency and awarded the Governor’s Agency Wellness Award for their commitment to supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event!

At the luncheon, the Governor announced that the State of Nebraska’s Wellness Program was selected to receive the 2011 Innovations Award from the Council of State Governments. The Innovations Award is given for the development and implementation of programs that can be applied to other state governments. The council receives hundreds of applications for the award each year but chooses only two winners from each region based on the program’s newness, creativity, effectiveness, transferability, and significance. This competitive award is yet another example that others are taking notice of the positive changes we’re making here in the State of Nebraska.

But let’s not forget where these changes begin: with employees. In October, as part of the Governor’s Employee Recognition, 1,835 employees were honored for their years of service with the State of Nebraska at the 2011 Years of Service Ceremonies. When combined, these employees represent a total of 37, 805 years of public service. Additionally, 56 Employees of the Year and 52 Supervisor/Managers of the Year were recognized at the Governor’s Employee Recognition event. The men and women honored were selected because of their outstanding dedication and superior performance. Every employee is essential to making our organization successful. We truly appreciate the work you do to make a difference in Nebraska.

Loetta Raatz, Department of Health and Human Services, celebrates 65 years

Loetta Raatz, Department of Health and Human Services, celebrates 65 years of state service. Pictured from left to right: Governor Dave Heineman; Loetta Raatz; Kerry Winterer, Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Health and Human Services; and, Scot Adams, director of the Department of Health and Human Services and interim director for the Division of Children and Family Services.

On that note, it is only appropriate that we recognize those who participated in the 2011 Charitable Giving Campaign. State of Nebraska employees raised more than $435,000, an increase from last year’s total. Without your help, none of this would’ve been possible.

With so many accomplishments, it’s easy to become comfortable and cease reaching for excellence. But this is not the time to become lax in our services to our customers. I encourage you to take a moment to recognize your own achievements, but continue striving toward even better outcomes in the future.


Carlos Castillo Jr., Director
Administrative Services

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