New Employee Courses

New Employee Course - Level 1

The New Employee Course - Level 1 introduces new employees to the Payroll & Financial Center. The new employee will learn basics such as signing in and out of the system, changing their password, and navigating the menus. The Level 1 course also covers employee self service options such as reviewing their paystub, W4, leave balances, and entering their timecards into the system. This course is a great place for all new employees to begin.

New Employee Course - Level 2

The New Employee Course - Level 2 builds upon the Level 1 course (before taking the Level 2 course the new employee should complete the Level 1 course). The Level 2 course introduces the new employee to various aspects of working with the Payroll & Financial Center such as program windows, working with exits, records, grids, & attachments, customizing a grid, and running reports. If the new employee will only have self service access in the system they do not need to take the Level 2 course.