Working with Submitted Reports Lesson

In this lesson you will learn how to:

~ View your submitted reports via View Job Status

~ Delete completed reports from View Job Status


  1. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  2. Click the View Job Status link.

  3. The reports you have run will be displayed in the table.  The most recent report you ran will be at the top.

  4. The Description will tell you the status of your report.  It will state that the report is either WAITING, PROCESSING, or DONE.


    If the Description is WAITING, or PROCESSING click the Find button to refresh the page until it says DONE.

  5. Click the check box of the second report.

  6. Click the Row button.

  7. Most reports are going to be viewed as PDF or CSV.  For more information about CSVs see the Running / Viewing Reports in CSV lesson.

  8. Click the View PDF menu.

  9. Click the Open button.

  10. The report then opens as a PDF document.  If you wish you can save the document.

  11. Click the Close button.

  12. You can delete reports you have run.  Reports will drop off automatically after 14 days so it is not imperative that you delete your reports.


    In this lesson we will delete the last record.

  13. Click the last report on the list.

  14. We do not want to delete the first record so uncheck the box by clicking on it.

  15. Click the Delete button.

  16. Click the OK button.

  17. The last record is no longer displayed.

  18. Click the Close button.

You have successfully completed the Working with Submitted Reports lesson.

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