Running and Viewing Reports in CSV Lesson

In this lesson you will learn how to run a report in CSV and how to view it in Excel.


  1. Before we can view a report in CSV we will need to run a report.  the report we are going to run is the Reports by Address report.

  2. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  3. Click the Address Book link.

  4. Click the State Accounting - Central AB Maint link.

  5. Click the Address Book Reports link.

  6. Click the Reports by Address link.

  7. Click the NE9990001 option.

  8. Click the Select button.

  9. Click the Data Selection option.

  10. Click the Submit button.

  11. Click the Left Operand list.

  12. Click the Search Type (F0101) (AT1) [BC] list item.

  13. Click the Right Operand list.

  14. Click the Literal list item.

  15. Enter the desired information into the Literal Value: field. Enter

     a valid value

  16. Click the OK button.

  17. Click the Left Operand list on the second line.

  18. Click the Business Unit (F0101) (MCU) [BC] list item.

  19. Click the Comparison list on the second line.

  20. Click the is not equal to list item.

  21. Click the Right Operand list on the second line.

  22. Click the Literal list item.

  23. Enter the desired information into the Literal Value: field. Enter

     a valid value
  24. Click the OK button.

  25. Click the Left Operand list on the third line.

  26. Click the Name - Alpha (F0101) (ALPH) [BC] list item.

  27. Click the Comparison list on the third line.

  28. Click the is not equal to list item.

  29. Click the Right Operand list on the third line.

  30. Click the Null list item.

  31. Click the OK button.

  32. Now that we have entered our data selection we will tell the system to run the report in CSV.

  33. Click the Document Setup tab.

  34. Click the CSV(Comma Delimited) option.

  35. Click the OK button.

  36. Next we will need to navigate to View Job Status so we can see the status of this report.

  37. Click the Close button.

  38. Click the View Job Status link.

  39. The most recent job (report) you ran will be listed first.  The Description tells us the current status of the report.


    The Description will be either WAITING, PROCESSING, or DONE.  If it is WAITING or PROCESSING you will need to refresh the screen using the Find button (DO NOT use the Refresh button on your browser).

  40. Click the BV option.

  41. Click the Row button.

  42. Click the View CSV menu.

  43. Click the Open button.

  44. The report opens in Excel.  Some of the cells may overlap, but the cells can be expanded to display all information.

  45. Click the box in the left hand corner of the spreadsheet.

  46. Double-click the line separating columns A and B.

  47. The cells expand to the proper width to display all of the information.

  48. To close the spreadsheet click the Close button..

  49. If you wish you can save the spreadsheet.  We are not going to save it at this time.


    Click the No button.

You have successfully completed the Running and Viewing Reports in CSV lesson.

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