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Some the Payroll & Financial Center applications allow you to select multiple records in a “Work With” grid.  This enables you to identify and update specific records without requiring you to enter each record individually through the Work with” screen.  This process is included in this lesson.


  1. Access the Application containing records to update.

  2. Use the Query by Example, QBE, line to narrow your search for the records to be updated.

  3. Click in the Tag Number field.

  4. Enter the desired information into the Tag Number field. Enter "65N*".

  5. Click in the Location Line 3 field.

  6. Enter the desired information into the Location Line 3 field. Enter "MIKE HOOVER".

  7. Click the Find button.

  8. Select the rows containing the records you want to update or click the Select all fetched records option.

  9. Click the Select button.

  10. Update field(s) as needed.  For the purpose of this training guide, the Additional Info - Location 2 field will be updated.

  11. Click the Location tab.

  12. Click the Category Codes 1-10 tab.

  13. Click the Category Codes 11-20 tab.

  14. Click the Additional Info tab.

  15. Click in the Location: Building/Room/Comments: Location 2 field.

  16. Enter the desired information into the Location: Building/Room/Comments field. Enter "ROOM 1306".

  17. Click the OK button after you make a change to the Asset Master to update the record. 

  18. Advance to the Next record selected on the Work with Assets grid.


    Continue updating records until complete.


    Click the Next button.

  19. Click the Additional Info tab.

  20. Click in the Location: Building/Room/Comments field.

  21. Enter the desired information into the Location: Building/Room/Comments field. Enter "ROOM 1306".

  22. Click the OK button.

  23. Click the Next button.

  24. Clicking Next will advance you to next Fixed Asset selected on the Work With Assets grid.  Once all selected records have been accessed using the Next button, the last Asset Master will remain available for update.

  25. Click the Cancel button.

  26. Click the Close button.

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