Working With Attachments Lesson

This work instruction shows how:

~ To Check for and View an Attachment

~ To Attach different Attachments

~ To Rename an Attachment

~ To Delete an Attachment


  1. Attachments can be utilized in any Payroll & Financial Center Module - including Address Book, Payroll, Procurement, Inventory, Accounting, A/P, and A/R.


    In this lesson we will work from the Address Book Inquiry screen.

  2. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  3. Click the Address Book link.

  4. Click the Address Book Inquiry link.

  5. First we will need to bring up some records.


    Click in the Alpha Name field.

  6. Enter the desired information into the Alpha Name field. Enter

     a valid value

  7. Click the Find button.

  8. A record with a paper clip icon next to it means it has attachments.  If it does not have a paper clip icon then the record does not have any attachments.

  9. You can view the attachment by clicking on the paper clip icon.


    Click the Attachment button.

  10. Clicking on the paper clip icon opens the Media Object Viewer window.  This is where you can view all of the attachments for that record.  This is a read only window so no changes can be made to any existing attachments nor can any attachment be added.

  11. Click the Cancel button.

  12. In this next exercise we are going to learn how to add an attachment, but first we need to select a record.  

    Click the 500640 record.

  13. Click the Row button.

  14. Click the Attachments menu.

  15. The top tool bar displays the different type of attachments you can add.  Text, File, and OLE attachments are the most common attachments used. 

  16. First we are going to add a Text Attachment.


    Click the Text button.

  17. Enter the desired information into the field. Enter

     a valid value
     "Test attachment"

  18. The Text Toolbar is similar to the Text Toolbar in Word.  Here you can change the type, size, color and style of font.

  19. You can add more than one attachment to a record.  We are going to add another Text attachment.


    Click the Text button.

  20. Enter the desired information into the field. Enter

     a valid value
     "Test attachment2"
  21. You can rename an attachment.  we are going to rename the two Text Attachments.


    Click the name of the Text2 attachment.

  22. Enter the desired information into the Item field. Enter

     a valid value
     "Attachment 2"

  23. Click the Text button.

  24. Click the name of the Text1 attachment.

  25. Enter the desired information into the Item field. Enter

     a valid value
     "Attachment 1"

  26. A File Attachment allows you to attach a file such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc.  A File Attachment cannot be changed . . . it is a read only document.


    An OLE Attachment allows you to add the same type of files as a File Attachment, except it allows you to make changes to it.

  27. Click the File button.

  28. Click the Select Local File option.

  29. Click the Browse button.

  30. Browse to the file you wish to attach and clik it


    Click the Training Example Attachement.pdf list item.

  31. Click the Open button.

  32. Click the Add button.

  33. If prompted click the Open button.

  34. The attached file appears in the window.  In addition a Read Only notice appears at the top of the screen stating that the File Attachment cannot be changed. 

  35. Next we are going to attach a web site (or URL) To this record.


    Click the URL button.

  36. Enter the desired information into the Enter URL field. Enter "".

  37. Click the Preview button.

  38. If you get a Security Warning you will need to make sure you have the correct Internet Explorer settings. 


    If you click Yes the page will not display correctly. Click the No button to ensure the page displays as it should.

  39. By clicking the Preview button you can make sure you have the correct web site before you actually attach it to the record.

  40. Click the Add button.

  41. If the web site address of the attachment ever changes you will need to update the attachment, otherwise it will not display properly. 

  42. You can delete attachments from a record.  Anyone can delete a record so it is vital to be careful when doing so. 


    In this lesson we are going to delete one of the Text Attachments

  43. Click the Text button.

  44. Click the Delete button.

  45. The Attachment 2 no longer appears.

  46. Click the Save button.

  47. Now the record has a paper clip icon indicating it has attachments.

You have successfully completed the Working with Attachments course. 

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